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Cannot work all day... Shifts End

Posted on Fri Sep 1st, 2017 @ 5:20pm by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Matthews Quarters
Timeline: current/somewhere in-between


Alyssa was exhausted from walking the station and talking with department heads to see what supplies were needed She would continue tomorrow if her assistant didn't get too far during the next shift. She stretched as she made her way through the door to her quarters where she found her daughter and Nikki playing shoots and ladders. She smiled as she removed her uniform jacket watching her daughter slide her piece down one of the shoots closest to the finish line.

"Mommy!" She was on her feet the second she saw her mommy and ran towards her to wrap her arms around her waist. "You're shift took too long." She pouted at her.

Alyssa hugged Sara tightly to her. "I know but it's over now until tomorrow." She smiled softly. "Did you have your dinner?" She asked looking down at her child running her hand through her hair.

"Yes and I ates it all, Nikki made Mac-n-Cheese and I had a bowl of peaches too." She smiled up at her mom "though the chocolate pudding she made is in the fridge it should be ready soon." She grinned excitedly at the idea.

Byrnes, finger combing his hair back, took a last look at the main station in engineering. There were over a dozen trouble spots that were at one point in the red. Now, four were now amber, meaning they were being seen to, and the other eight were green, denoting maintenance had been completed. Not that he trusted them to last long, but for now, all systems were acting as they should. Over time they would all receive his care and be seen to on a more permanent basis. Sighing, happy it was quitting time, Wulf gave the duty to his deck officer, then turned and left his domain. To say he was tired was an understatement, and after his private conference with the Doctor, wanted to go and try to find the strange alien named Nira. But, he had given his word to a child that he would at least stop by, and not one to shirk his own honor, made his way to the door of one Alyssa Matthews. He pressed the chime, finger combing his hair one more time.

Alyssa had showered and changed by the time her chime went off. She was wearing black sweat pants and a t-shirt when she answered the door. Before she could greet Wulf though, Sara came running passed her crying out "Wulf!" and threw herself into his arms happy to see him. She was in her Ariel PJ though it was about an hour before her bed time.

"Come on in Wulf." Alyssa said softly genuinely surprised to see him at her door. She had to admit to herself she hadn't been sure he'd actually show up not many men had proven themselves to even keep their word since Sara had been born.

"Hiya, firecracker," said Byrnes, smiling, and claw-tickling Sara's torso. He looked to mom. "Hi Alyssa, thank you." He came inside, and despite how tired he truly was, neither of them would know.

Sara laughed and giggled as he claw-tickled her. She squirmed, "nooo tickle!" She giggled still.

"Your welcome." Alyssa said softly, "Can I get you something to drink or eat?" She offered, "I was thinking of making a sandwich for my own dinner since Nikki took care of Sara about an hour or so ago." Alyssa explained.

"Sure," responded Wulf. "Been working steady all day, not a lot of time to stop and eat. And you," he tapped Sara's nose. "Good girl for eating your supper. Only way to grow big and strong." He smiled, throwing a wink at mom as Sara giggled again.

"I wanted to be on my best behavior so I could see you like we agreed." Sara admitted still hugging him with her arms around his neck despite all the tickling. "do you wanna play Candy Land with mommy and me?" She asked him.

Alyssa went back into the kitchen area of her family quarters. since the replicators weren't reliable at the moment she went to the fridge she had put in to store whatever food they didn't replicate or recycle until the replicators could be reliable. it was just one of those small ice boxes she had on the counter top from when she was at the Academy. Opening it she pulled out some honey roasted chicken provolone cheese and mayo. Grabbing the loaf of bread she made up two sandwiches for herself and Wulf. She cut them in half but managed to not cut the crust off like she was use to doing for Sara. Then she moved to join Wulf and Sara in the living area where Sara had lead him to see the Candy Land board.

Sitting down Byrnes gave a smile and wink to Sara, then grinned at Alyssa. "Well, I don't know how to play this. Believe it or not. But, I can try."

Sara giggled at that and proceed to show and teach Wulf the game of Candy Land so they could play together, "Now you've done it." Alyssa smirked poking him in the side. Alyssa set down the sandwiches and the drinks so that she and Wulf could eat while they played with Sara.

Byrnes knew what this was. Sara had a new friend, and she was jacked-up over it. So, Wulf split his attention between the two, but focused on the adult.

As the game progressed Sara yawned her eyes closing slightly looking as if she was going to fall asleep sitting right there at the board came struggling to stay awake to play the game to the end with Wulf and her mommy, but it was getting late and Alyssa had silently let her stay up a half an hour after her bed time. Alyssa had known she would tire herself out before too long. "Ok I think it's time for bed young lady." Alyssa said softly.

"Nooo not yet." Sara said sleepily, "I'm not sleeeeppy." She said even as she yawned again.

"Hey, Sara." Byrnes said, and when she looked over he gave her hand a squeeze. "There will be other days. I have to go to bed soon, too, nothing wrong with that. Be rested and you can play longer." He gave a smile and wink to the girl.

She blinked at him sleepily then yawned, "but I'm not sleepy.." She said even as she started to drift off and Alyssa moved to lift her into her arms. "She's always like that says she's not sleepy and then drifts right off to sleep." Alyssa said softly, "I'll go tuck her into bed real quick and be right back." She said softly carrying her six year old daughter to her room.

Byrnes waited patiently, loving the mind of a child. Obviously tired, knowing it, but still saying they aren't. Kind of reminded him of some of his engineers. Nothing comes easy.

With Nikki's help Sara was tucked into bed and her night light turned on. Nikki whom despite being a hologram went to her own room off the nursery room. Alyssa returned to the living area where Byrnes was waiting, "Thank you for humoring her." Alyssa said softly sitting down beside him.

"She's a kid," grinned Byrnes. "Play along, talk in an even voice, and they usually comply. Stern when needed, but she knew she was tired, so she didn't truly fight it, just voiced it."

"Very true, besides she's not worried about never seeing you again which would be the main reason she'd resist sleep." Alyssa smirked. "It still amazes me though how taken she is with you normally she ignores most men it's why she slipped away from Ferguson when she was in his care." Alyssa sighed.

Wulf gave a grin while rubbing his face to try and swipe away his own tiredness. "That's because I never forget what it was like being a kid. Most times I can see where they are coming from a light year away."

Alyssa smiled slightly as she watched him, "I can see that or should I tuck you into bed as well since your struggling to stay awake?" She asked in a teasing tone poking him in his side. "I see my little girl isn't the only one trying to stay up later." She said softly though she would be sad to see him leave, he was CEO of this station and they needed him at his best.

Giving a grin Wulf nodded. "I am tired, for sure. Not easy getting all this back in working order, enough to be called home." He stood and offered his hand to help her do so. "But, yes, I do need to go and get some shuteye."

Alyssa accepts the hand off the floor. "I will see you later then you get good nights rest their chief, and don't make me come tuck you in we need our CEO aware and alive or this 'home' is going to fall apart." She teased him gently walking him to the door easily. "good night Wulf." She said softly at the door.

"Good night." With a final nod Byrnes stepped out into the corridor and made his way towards his own quarters.



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