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Checking to see if Medical needs anything

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 11:04pm by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Corridor - Medical


After leaving Engineering, Alyssa made her way back to the medical wards. However, she wasn't going there for a physical but to see if there were any supplies that Doctor Nichols was going to need transferred into her department or anything that they did not have in supplies already to be requested on the next supply transfer ship. Making her way through the offices until she came to Dr Cara Nichol's she hit the chime on the door to see if she was in.

Cara's yeoman was at lunch and the door between the outer office and Cara's refused to stay open so Cara hoped that this was someone from Engineering. Knowing that the outer release wasn't functioning, Cara got up from her desk and opened the door from her side. Seeing it was the Ops Chief and not an Engineer she felt disappointed but said, "sorry. Door is effed up. Come on in."

"One more thing on Engineering's checklist I see?" Alyssa said as she looked to the door. "Sticking? could be an issue with the release valves not working properly." Alyssa said, though she didn't sound 100% sure, she did have some engineering training, one didn't go into ops without some kind of knowledge of how other departments work. Especially if you need to supply them. "I'm checking with all the departments to be sure they do not have anything they need that wasn't delivered on the last transport or anything transferred from the store rooms." Alyssa explained her presence to Cara.

"Have a seat, Alyssa," Cara said. "There's fresh coffee in the carafe on the credenza," she pointed. "Help yourself." She pressed the door release and when it opened she kicked the small trash can into the doorway she and her Yeoman had been using to keep the door propped open. " you have the latest requisition list handy?" she asked.

"Yes," Lizzy answered and grabbed the PADD off of a pile of PADDs she had on her desk. She got up and took it over to Cara then returned to her desk.

Cara let go of the door release and the door slid shut, stopping when it made contact with the trash can. On her way back to her desk she said, "the damn release out there doesn't work, it won't stay open unless you hold the release in here, so we're improvising. I called Engineering but they haven't made it up here yet. Anyway," she said, holding out the PADD, "this is our current supply needs."

Alyssa helped herself to some coffee while she waited. Taking the PADD that Cara held out she looked it over adding it to the pile of PADD's she kept in her pocket as important ones. "I could take a look if you want? I may not be an engineer, but I do have enough knowledge to handle a door." Alyssa offered sipping the Coffee.

"No, thank you," Cara said, sitting back down at her desk. "You look like you have your hands full already. Engineering will get to it. I'm sure they are busy. "How does Sara like being here? Does she miss seeing real sky?" she asked.

"Well so far she loves it she was able to slip away and explore on her own so I had to unfortunately ground her for two weeks hopefully that will make it stick that there are some places that are still unsafe about the station. She's eager to start classes she wants to meet all the other kids." Alyssa said with a slight laugh, "I have no doubt she'll make friends and start causing some chaos on the station. You'd never know it by look at her, but she has a real devils streak in her. you know on my last assignment she actually used the holo-emitters to create a pool on the bridge and with water everywhere and right in front of the captain she does a cannon ball from the Lift into the middle of the new bridge pool splashing the Command team right there on the bridge." Alyssa told Cara with a genuine smile at the memory.

Cara laughed. "That I would have paid to see," she said. "I'm glad you guys are adapting. Life here isn't easy to get used to. The only time I see the stars is when I sneak into the Ops Center. It and the landing pads are the only part of this place that isn't inside a dammed rock. Thank God for holosuites or I would go nuts."

"I can agree with that Sara is use to always seeing the stars from our quarters, unfortunately our quarters are further in to the station so she is unable to see them. Give her time though she will find some way of causing mischief on a station this size. I am however, trying to get it into her head that there are places on the station that aren't safe for her and she cannot go there." Alyssa said softly smiling at the memory.

Cara remembered the sounds of children's laughter on SB900 and she felt a twinge of sadness. It would be nice to have families around again. She decided to change the subject by asking, " you think we can get the entire list?"

Alyssa looked down at the list in question. "Yes I think we can get everything on the list I have a friend at Jupitor Station if I have any problem through normal stations." Alyssa looked to Cara next, "Is there anything else you can think of that you might want added to this list?"

"No. Just personnel," Cara said. "We are working with a skeleton staff so everyone is pulling double shifts. Stuff like bandages, labcoats, surgical attire....we can replicate those. The meds and instruments are the most critical."

"Alright I'll make sure this is on the very next supply request including the request for personnel." Alyssa said softly moving to stand.


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