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Checking to see if Engineering needs anything

Posted on Fri Jul 14th, 2017 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Main Engineering


Alyssa made her way over towards Byrnes' office except as she passed the pool table she saw him there going over readings, "Lieutenant Byrnes." She said to get his attention, yes she did call him by his rank and last name because they were on duty. "So I'm going go around to the departments and see what supplies everyone needs so I can get them distributed and see if I'm missing anything from my store rooms that did not come on the last supply ship from starfleet." Alyssa told him as she moved to stand by his side.

Byrnes glanced over, then his eyes went back to the table-sized schematic of the base. "Supplies?" He gave a grin, his eyes glancing her way now and then as they spoke. "I know we got some with the new arrivals, but do we have enough for each department?" He tapped a few keys, diverting half the power from a secondary corridor, the one he had sealed off, and sent it elsewhere. "So far, we're fine down here. We have one industrial replicator almost repaired, the others will be up shortly after. More than anything we need duranium plating for structural integrity."

"When I checked supplies earlier we did get duranium plating, however I do not believe we have enough to cover a base of this size so I will put it on the list for the next transmission to starfleet for supplies." Alyssa said softly, anything else you might need like extra componets incase of a power over load or a malfunction, you never know what kind of emergency this place will cause us. I mean what with parts of it still falling down and our not so friendly neighborhood Dragons right on our doorstep that we still need to communicate with." Alyssa sighed hopping those dragons are alright for the moment.

"Yes, to all of it," said Wulf, making it easy on her. "Once the replicators are working efficiently then a lot of this ordering crap will be cut in half." Setting his console on standby he turned to her. "I need some whiskey, though. Earth whiskey, if we can get it. Nothing like an engineering get together with libations for all. Keeps morale up."

"I think I have a friend who can send us just the thing and it wont be synthetic." She gave him a wink as she took notes on her PADD. "Anything else before I head off to the other departments to see if they need anything, I mean I know once you have the replicators you wont need to do this requisition anymore but replicators are low items on the repairs at the moment." She said softly.

Byrnes thought about that a moment, then gave a slight shaking of the head. "Not that I can think of, right now. If you think of something we may need, then please order it for us. My head's not exactly on paperwork right now."

"Don't you worry about a thing, I'll look around the store rooms to see what else we do not have that you may need, like spare tools in case you find yourself with a new crew or tools break." She said softly.

"Brilliant!" Wulf agreed. "We can never have enough tools, for sure."

Alyssa laughed softly at his enthusiasm, "Alright I"ll get this put in after I visit with the other departments I'll see you later Wulf." She told him as she turned to leave.

"Hey," Byrnes called after her, and when she turned asked a question. "If I were to stop by your quarters to see you and Sara, what's a good time?"

Alyssa paused and turned to him thoughtfully. "Anytime after your shift, mine should be done in a couple more hours, but then as Chief you know we're never really off always on call." She smirked. "So anytime is fine." She told him honestly. Alyssa did hope that her surprise didn't show on her face.

Wulf gave a smile. "Well, you have quite the little manipulator in Sara, who stopped by and asked me to come play with her. Work being in the way, I couldn't break away, and I have an obligation elsewhere these days. So, just wanted to make sure about time."

"Why that little ankle biter, she knows she's grounded, was she at least on her best behavior? she didn't act like the little devil I know she can be?" Alyssa asked, no she wasn't mad at her daughter after all Nikki would have been with her, "Nikki was with her right?" She asked eyes widening in worry.

Byrnes nodded. "Yes, yes she was, and she was a pleasure, as well. Sara wanted to see me, so I caved. Who couldn't with that adorable face? Nikki mentioned a few times about being grounded, now that I recall, but the two of us didn't care. Sorry, but having a fan feeds my inner good guy." He gave a smile and wink.

Alyssa laughed a little, "Well I trust Nikki as a Nanny, its why I keep her around she loves my daughter as much as I do so if she agreed, there was good reason too." Alyssa said softly smiling proudly. "I'm glad she's taken a shine to you, normally she doesn't like guys. well except for her granddad." Alyssa admitted.

"I'm a chump," laughed Byrnes. "I promised her a secret, and if it all works out, then she'll get to see it. If people who think they're better than me disagree, then it won't happen."

"Better than you huh? I'm sorry I don't see how anyone can be better than someone who keeps their promises." She said softly giving him a soft smile.

Byrnes rolled his eyes, not at her, but at the situation discussed. "Happens all the time. There are those in Starfleet who believe weapons are the first course of action, then there are those like me who follow the Starfleet Motto; Ex Astris Scientia. From the stars, knowledge. Screw what others think, and if it costs me my commission, then I'll do it that way as a civilian."

"I'd rather not follow the shoot first ask questions later way." Alyssa agreed, but she also knew that there were people out there that prefered it that way than to what they had been created do which was explore new galaxies and new civilizations, as questions first then if forced to do so defend themselves.

"I'm not saying I won't shoot when called for," stated Wulf. "Once I decide to shoot back I am all for it when it comes down to me or them."

"Well yeah you'll be defending yourself then you wont have started the fighting or shooting as the case may be." Alyssa told him softly.

Byrnes grinned. "Exactly. So, what's a good time, again, to stop by and 'play'?"

"Well if you wanna spend time with Sara too I would suggest before 2130 hours you should be good because I put Sara to bed around 2200 hours so I am sure she gets enough sleep." Alyssa said softly.

"She's a kid," said Wulf. "After burning energy all day, they usually crash hard. Anyway, thanks, I'll keep the time in mind."

"No problem, she'll be happy to see you." Alyssa smiled softly. "You sure there isn't anything else I can list for you on the supply requsition?" Alyssa asked softly. She had the Duranium plating, extra tool for the engineering staff as well as the emergency components that may be needed.

"Not that I can think of," answered Byrnes. "Thanks for stopping by, Alyssa. Nice to know you have our backs."

"Always." She grinned and continued out of engineering she had several other departments to visit.



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