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Work to be done

Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 6:40pm by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Corridor


Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews had never really enjoyed being closed up in an office while she worked. she was half caitian so working in enclosed spaces made it hard for her to concentrate. She wasn't exactly claustraphobic, but she found going for a walk helped her to think more clearly. Alyssa was going through the problems on this station and energy reserves and power being used. She frowned because more than half the station was not getting the power to systems that required it. Without energy this station wasn't going to last long. Part of her job was making sure power got where it needed right? In some ways she was the ships electriction in other ways she was the ships supply market.

Alyssa turned down the corridor making her way to engineering, it was one of the few places besides her office that she knew exactly where it was on such a big station and knew that it worked. Especially since she also knew the department head Wulf. Checking a few things on her padd she continued to walk not even looking up as she stepped into the turbolift thankful that it still worked really. It was better than having to climb through the stations jefferies tubes. Especially since Alyssa wasn't so sure they were safe at the moment.

The lift ride was not horribly slow she did make good time but it could have been a little faster. Could be attributed to power to the lifts being less important than to other areas of the station. That was fine really because by the time the lift doors opened again she had a mental checklist in her head of things she needed to do. The first step was the Energrizers to recharge the dilithium crystals that have been sitting for only goddess knows how long before the station was opened again.

Stepping through the doors of engineering she smiled and nodded to the Engineers before moving to a console that wasn't being used and started to work on the main energizers. She noticed that Wulf was already working on the main energizers so she turned her attention to the energizers. Her slender fingers moving across the console with experties and skills concentrating on what she needed to do which was re-direct power through the energizers.

Alyssa kept an eye on the information coming back to her the graphs on the dilithium crystals was showing an increase so she was pleased to see that redirecting power through the energrizers were actually recharging the dilithium crystals. Alyssa, however, knew she had to be careful not to over power the dilithium crystals. Because there was a chance that if she wasn't careful she could cause them to move out of alignment and Wulf would not be happy with her if she did that.

Turning her attention to the Electro-Plasma system the lifes blood of stations and star ships alike. She knew she had to be extremely careful here too much energy through the EPS grid and she could cause more damage than help. She saw the EPS grid speeding up as she worked. Once she was sure on her calculations and the power levels were in safe zones she let the power she had redirected through the energizers resume it's normal route. Making a mental check on her list and started to move onto the next one which was to check in with Wulf and the other department heads to make sure everyone had everything they needed for supplies in their department to make a list for the next supply run.



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