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Bending the rules... just a bit

Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 4:46pm by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Quarters - Engineering
Timeline: After doctor's visit

~*~ Start ~*~

"Come on please, if I promise to behave and come right back with you, I just want you to meet him!" Came the pouty voice 45 inches from the ground. Sara tried very hard not to stomp her little foot, but her nanny was really trying her patience.

Nikki looked to her young charge hands on her hips, "And I said no, your mother told you you were grounded for leaving Tazanna's side and going where you know you should not be wandering at the moment. The station is dangerous Sara." Nikki told her.

"But you'll be with me and I promise to stay right by your side, come on I have to apologize to him for causing so much trouble." She pouted still causing tears to form in her eyes knowing that her nanny was a big softy under her stern attitude.

Nikki bit her lower lip and turned a way form Sara knowing very well that the child was trying to trick her into saying yes. Unfortunately she had a great fondness for her young charge and though she knew she shouldn't give in and should follow Alyssa's ruling on Sara's behavior. Nikki sighed and turned back to Sara, "You stay by my side. We go and we come back and you finish out your grounding like a young lady I know you are rather than pouting to be let out again. Deal?" Nikki asked holding out her hand to her young charge.

Tears gone in an instant Sara grinned and took Nikki's hand "Deal." She giggled as she shook her nanny's hand and her nanny groaned knowing she had just been conned.

"Alright you little con artist, lets go." She shook her head and still holding firmly to Sara's hand lead the way out of the quarters and to the closest working turbolift.

~*~ Engineering ~*~

Sara was the first one through the door, but Nikki was right behind her. She looked around for Wulf knowing her mother was still with Tazanna and or Ferguson because of her and hoped to be in and out of Engineering before her mother came in to work on what ever it was she did for her position. Sara was never too clear on what that was sometimes. She did however know that it was working on repairs sometimes to systems like the holodecks. Sara had learned a lot from watching before she had gotten herself grounded planet side. Honestly it was one of the reasons she was happiest her mother had been transfered out here. Because the child knew that she couldn't just be sent home no matter how she screwed up. Not that she planned to screw up that badly.

"Oh there he is." She pointed out to her Nanny turning to Nikki whom looked in that direction then looked around to make sure it was safe to walk towards the CEO.

Byrnes, standing and reading from a tricorder next to the main energizer, got tapped on his left shoulder. He looked over seeing an ensign. "Yes?" The ensign then eye-pointed toward the main entrance to engineering. Wulf spun around and looked, seeing little Sara and an unknown female. He handed the tricorder to the ensign with a grin. "I got this. Continue the readings." Stepping away Byrnes came over to the two ladies. "Hello Sara. Who's your friend?"

"This is my Nanny Nikki Tyer, Mom thought it was past time to activte her since I clearly cannot stay with an adult that doesn't have holographic neurons and sensors to know where I am at all times." Sara said honestly pouting at him..

"Be glad your out and about you little devil, your suppose to be grounded remember." She said though clearly she loved the child for she spoke with affection rather than anger. "Hi, I'm sorry about Sara, I have a learning matrix similar to that of the Doctor on Voyager. it is the reason that Alyssa chose the matrix for my programing." She said with a soft smile.

Byrnes gave a nod and grin. "No problem, Nikki. Give me a day and we can change all that. I am the CEO." Squatting to look Sara in the eye, Wulf winked and smiled. "What? I don't get a hug?"

"Change all of what?" Nikki asked confused.

Sara giggled and jumped into Wulf's arms giving him a hug. "I'm sorry I caused you so much trouble Wulf." She told him before kissing his cheek. She was so going for the cute factor here, if you couldn't tell.

Wulf gave a chuckle as he stood up holding Sara and felt the kiss. He looked at Nikki. "I wasn't trying to be rude, Nikki. As an engineer I can aid with programming, was all I was saying. You have a CPU, which means you can learn as you go. And, it is nice to meet you." He extended his hand.

"Oh, sorry I do learn and I do make use of engineer's skills to enhance my skills. It is nice to meet you as well." She said softly smiling at him and Sara as the young girl clung to him. It was curious seeing her act like that to be honest. Normally she gave them this evil look in her eyes and planned to upset their entire day. This was the first male figure outside of her grandfather that Nikki had seen her take a liking too.

"Wulf whatcha doing today?" Sara asked hoping to drag him back to her quarters so they could play some games.

Byrnes looked at Sara and gave her a belly tickle real quick. "Working, what else?" She gave a squeal-giggle which made him laugh. "I have to work a longer shift, sweety, trying to get our big home here all fixed up and safe. You know, safe for all those little ones who like to wander off and play in holodecks." He winked at Nikki, smiling at his own humor, trying to goad Sara just a tad.

Sara kept gigging, "But I want you to come back to our quarters and play with me." She gave her best pouty I'm going to cry look if he doesn't say yes.

Nikki bit her lower lip to keep from laughing wondering how the good Chief Engineer will respond to Sara's usual trick to get her own way.

"Ya know," said Byrnes with a smile. "If you keep sticking that lip out like that a bird may poop on it." He giggled. "Just kidding. But, pouting is never a good way to get what you want. Just ask, and if it can't be done right now, then you have to be patient. When I am done working I have a special project I need to check on, a secret. If you promise to not cry, and not be difficult, some day I will show you the secret. Can you do that?" He winced, shifting the girl to his right arm since his left shoulder was still sore and healing from the arrow wound.

Sara sighed, "Ok fine, but will you please come by after work? so we can play a little? I think Mommy would like that too." She grinned mischieviously.

Nikki coughed to cover her laughter he had actually earned some respect points from her for not giving into Sara's pouting. "Ok Sara time to get back remember you are still grounded." Nikki remind Sara.

Wulf set the girl down and stretched his left shoulder. He would have to call Doc Nichols and get it looked at, despite how it may look. "I will try, Sara. I can't make a promise unless I mean to keep it, okay?" He looked at Nikki with a smile. "Thanks for the visit. Here at the main entree is always safe, any further inside would be dangerous. Stop by anytime, and if I'm not busy we can chat. Have a good day, Sara." He gave a squeeze and pat to her shoulder.

"Ok." Sara hoped he'd be able to make it, the six year old child while holding her nanny's hand frowned knowing wulf was going to head back to work now.

"I wouldn't have let her go further, thank you for taking the time to talk to us." Nikki said softly, "Come on Sara it's just about time for your lunch anyways." She said turning to leave the child reluctantly letting her nanny lead her away.

Byrnes watched them go and it gave a bit of broken heart to watch Sara deflate. But, that was life, he had work to get done if they were all to call this place home. In time, as she grew, Sara would eventually come to understand that. For now, her little brain just couldn't fathom not playing instead of working. He would definitely have to make time to stop by and visit at some point.



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