Come Fly With Me

Posted on Mon Sep 4th, 2017 @ 4:36pm by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell & Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Shuttlebay One
Timeline: Eight Hours after 'A Failure to Communicate'


Christopher was sitting in the shuttle-bay in front of a maintenance station. His thoughts were running at a million kilometers per hour and he was hitting brick walls at every turn as he tried to figure out how they could attach any form of a secondary transmitter onto the runabout without turning a spacially dynamic craft into a flying tank. Flipping through the possibilities, he saw holographic representations that continually were being shot down by the computer since slipstream forces were ripping off the attachments or being slagged by errant radiation. Sighing in frustration, Chris ran his hands through his hair.

Byrnes, checking out a warp shuttle at one end of the bay saw the General with that face, the face one recognizes as frustration. Setting his tools down he walked over. "You okay, Sir?"

Christopher gave a wry chuckle. "I only wish, Lieutenant. I've been doing some simulations and our emitter keeps getting fried or explodes rather spectacularly whenever we try to use it. It also doesn't help that combined with every other piece of equipment, it ruins the spatial geometry." he said, handing over the PADD to Byrnes.

Alyssa joined the two officers at the shuttle, noticing everyone looking considerably frustrated she arched one elegantly shaped brow, "Everyone alright?" She asked with her tool box in hand. "Hmmm sounds like your simulations have given you some very sad endings Captain." She did not like the sound of those endings either.

Taking the PADD, Byrnes looked at the data, then the schematics, taking a few minutes on each as he absentmindedly rubbed his chin and lower lip. "We can do this, General. It will take work, I won't deny that, but all we need is to set aside one runabout and then add in reinforcing support struts and brackets on the interior. Essentially, Sir, a roll-cage. It will reinforce the structural integrity, and if done right we can create a hard point for the transmitter to seat."

Alyssa moved to look over Wulf's shoulder, "Sounds like a shark cage in a way just in a ship instead of a cage. with the reinforced structural integrity it should work to get the job done." Alyssa agreed with Wulf.

Byrnes nodded to her, looking at Mitchell. "As I said, it'll be some work but it can be done, Sir. I can dedicate a team and start the cutting and fitting for the braces."

"I can reallocate some supplies until the next supply transfer arrives," Alyssa said softly.

Christopher nodded thoughtfully. "What materials were you thinking of using, Mister Byrnes?" he asked, running some basic mathematic calculations in his head. They would need enough of a material that could withstand both intense temperatures of the dragon's fire that it could come into contact with, spatial distortions, and wouldn't deteriorate when exposed to radiation over time. "Also, to build on reinforced hard points, wouldn't we need to build a completely new shuttle?" Christopher continued, tapping his fingers together impatiently.

Alyssa listened since she wasn't exactly an engineer she only knew basic engineering this was beyond her. however the allocations of supplies she could do with her eyes closed.

"Duranium alloy, Sir," Byrnes stated. "There are hard points, but those are already able to withstand many of the effects you speak of. With the refit, we would be adding to that. It will make the interior cramped, but if it is done right then the hull would be our only concern. However, most starships can withstand the corona of stars for a short amount of time and these dragons may have fire breath, but I doubt it is equal to the power of a sun."

Chris tapped the pen he was holding against the PADD. "I recall them firing superheated plasma, so duranium should definitely work. What do you think, 15-millimeter reinforcements should do it."

At this point, Alyssa was mostly listening to what they were talking about she was leaving the calculations to hull reinforcement to the expert which was Wulf.

"Sir," said Byrnes. "I'll make it 20 millimeters, just because." He ran calculations through his head. "If we can keep them from getting irritated and heading this way then I will start immediately. Could take the better part of a day, but I won't quit until it's done." Giving his superior an honest gaze, he added. "However, I may have to cannibalize duranium from non-essential areas. Either way, we can make this work, Sir."

Chris nodded. He liked the man's commitment to what needed to be done. "Get it handled. If I can help in any way, let me know. In the meantime, I'll be in the Ops Center."

"Of course, Sir." Byrnes glanced at Matthews, then back to the General. "I'll be needing her help if that can be arranged."

"If I can help I'll be happy to do so," Alyssa said softly.

Byrnes nodded when Matthews spoke. "More hands make less work."

"Do what you have to. I'll inform Chief Sullivan so he can make the change to the duty rotation. This project will take priority over all others, understood?" he asked, already knowing the answer. He waited patiently for their response.

"Aye Sir," Alyssa said softly.

Byrnes nodded. "Yes, Sir."