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Trouble in Green

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 12:10am by Major Michael Phoenix

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: FOB Detention Facility

"I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!" Jack yelled at Winter and Mackie, his booming voice echoing throughout the intake center of the Detention Facility. He stood between the two Marines, his arms outstretched to keep them apart. Winter already had a black eye and his lip was split and Mackie's nose was, obviously, broken. "Put them in separate cells," Jack told the brig officers holding the two men. He turned to the medic waiting to treat the men's injuries and said, "that one first," and pointed to Mackie. He stepped up to the opening of Mackie's cell and glowered at the Lance Corporal. In a quiet but menacing voice he said, "you give this young lady any trouble and I will throttle you myself. And I guarantee, will need more than a nose job if I do. Am I clear?"

Mackie nodded and said, "yes, sir," his voice muffled by the towel he was holding over his busted nose.

"Keep an eye on them," Jack said to the two brig officers. "I'll be in the office." With that he headed to the small office in the Detention Facility where he plopped down at his desk and ran his hand through his hair. Tapping his combadge he said, "LtCDR Devlin to Major Phoenix. I have two of your Marines in custody. I'll be in the Detention Facility office if you care to discuss their charges."

Michael sighs to himself as he stood up picking up his coffee as he took a drink he taps his badge " I will be there in a moment " he said to Devlin as he made his way to a lift and down to the detention facility making his way to the location of Devlin " Commander Delvin I am Major Phoenix " he said looking at Devlin.

Jack stood up and reached across his desk to shake the Major's hand. "Sorry to having to meet under these circumstances," he said with a polite smile. "I have wanted to get down to the Marine pod to give you a proper welcome but I am seriously short handed right now and it seems I barely get time to use the head. Have a seat," he said, gesturing to the chair in front of the desk.

Michael took his hand shaking it " I understand not having time to do things you wanted " he said as he took a seat " so tell me what happened " Michael asked Devlin as he leans back in the chair pulling out his PADD.

Jack sat back down and pulled up the custody report on his terminal. Turning the screen so Michael could see it, he said, "it seems that Private Justin Winter and Lance Corporal Jon Mackie got into an altercation over a dart game at O'Reilly's Pub on the Promenade. It started off with things being just a heated conversation that led to O'Reilly asking them to take it outside but then things escalated and someone threw a punch. It ended up with...," he looked around the monitor so he could read it off of the screen, "...5 chairs, 2 tables, a partition, a bathroom door, a bar stool, an AI server and too much glassware to count...," he quoted and sat back, "...being demolished. One bystander suffered minor injuries, Winter suffered a split lip and is sporting a nice shiner and Mackie has a broken nose. O'Reilly is fit to be tied and wants compensation for the property damage. Technically I can charge them with Destruction of property, disturbing the peace, public brawling and mutual assault. But I wanted to talk it over with you first since they are your men."

Michael nods " I will handle the punishment if you feel it is best for them, I'm sure O'Reilly will be taken care of not the first time a marine has busted up a bar " Michael said to Devlin as he took notes on his PADD " But I believe they should be punished that fits the crime even if they have to work it off fixing O'Reilly's place "

"I will leave them to you, then, major," Jack said and called out to the outer office. "Coman! Have them bring our two guests up," he called to the Petty Officer in the outer office. "It'll take a few minutes to process them out," he added. "So how do you like it here on the Rock?" he asked.

" It will take a little time to get use to but it does seem like I will have some fun here " Michael said as he put his PADD down looking at Devlin " Plus the ground is better for Mary, living on a ship can be troubling for a child sometimes " Michael said knowing what it is like being on ships most of his young life.

"Too bad the only sunlight or stars she will know here will be artificial," Jack said. "Even in the Ops Center all you see are the other asteroids in the field."

Just then PO Coman stuck his head in the door and said, "they're here, sir."

Jack waved his thanks to the Petty Officer and stood up. "Shall we, Major?" he said, gesturing to the door.

Michael stood up taking his PADD with him " Lead on " he said to Devlin, Michael followed along.

Jack walked through the outer office and into the reception area. Standing next to each other, looking battered, hungover and sheepish, were the two Marines. "Looks like you got a reprieve," Jack said to the two young men. "I am releasing you into the custody of Major Phoenix and am leaving your punishment up to him." He held up his finger at them and said, "but make no mistake...if you ever cause any trouble on this base's Promenade again I will not be so accommodating. You will be charged and will serve your time in this detention facility." He clasped his hands behind his back and looked into the faces of the two men. "Do I make myself clear?"

Winters and Mackie both mumbled, "yes, sir," in unison, their heads bowed.

Jack looked at the Major and said, "they're all yours Major," and stepped backwards to allow the Major the lead position.

Michael smiled as he moved to the men " First off this is not a good way to meet me, second this is not a way to make the marines look good " he said as he walked around them " SO the punishment is up to me " he told them " First you will work in the O'Reilly bar until the damages are paid off " Michael said stopping in front of them " Second you will report to the master sergeant in the morning you will be in full pack and you will run the obstacle course until you can't run anymore and you will keep running until she feels you are done " Michael said " Now say good bye to the Commander you will go with a few security officers to the O'Reilly place and say you are sorry to the owner " Michael turned his attention to Jack.

"SIR! YES, SIR!" the two Marines said in unison.

Jack raised his hand and snapped his fingers at the two Security Officers who had brought the two Marines out from the back and he motioned toward the door.

The two Secuirty Officers stepped forward and one said, "let's go," to the two Marines and the four men moved towards the reception room door and disappeared into the corridor.

Jack folded his arms and leaned against the wall, shaking his head and smirking. "Ever feel like a babysitter more than a CO?" he asked, jokingly.

Michael chuckled " at times it does feel like it at times " he told Jack " But that is part of the job "

Jack chuckled. "That it is," he said extending his hand. " has been a pleasure. Let me know when you get settled and I'll buy you a drink."

Michael smiled " Will do Commander " he said making his way to the lift to head down to the marine bay to work on a few files.


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