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Running around and causing Chaos

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 3:40pm by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: various
Timeline: backpost/somewhere in-between


Sara looked around then ran down the corridor just short of using both legs and hands to run around considering she was so hyped up on sugar. She had slipped away from Lady Wadding and Mr Ferguson, they were busy talking and she'd finished the ice cream so she was slightly bored and hyper wanting to explore. The little Caitian/Human was looking for the holodeck but she didn't know where it was so she stopped at a wall console and tried to reach the buttons that would help her find her way. "Computer show me the way to the holodeck?" She tried wondering if starbase computers were like starship computers and voice activated.

Coming around the bend Byrnes spotted a young girl trying to stretch and reach a control panel. He heard her query, knowing that a child would not be able to activate the holodeck without adult supervision, the safety protocols prevented that. So, he walked over and knelt next to her. "Hello there. Do you need help, little lady?"

She jumped only slightly startled. "Yeah hold still please!" She said before pouncing on him and climbing up onto his shoulders to reach the controls. What she was hyper active right now her little black tail whipping around in her eagerness to get to the holodeck.

Byrnes stood up and moved her away from the panel, going the opposite way down the hallway, slowly. "Just ask and I might help." He looked over his shoulder at her on his back/shoulders. "And a 'please' would be nice."

She pouted down at him but I did say please." She sniffled her legs dangling from his shoulders her hands crossing on top of his head as she leaned her chin against her hands. "Please, I wanna see the holodeck, My mommy's busy and Lady Wadding and Mr Ferguson were talking and they gave me so much ice cream!" She giggled not at all shy about being on his shoulders. "Please pretty please?" She batted her pretty Grey eyes at him.

"Ice cream, eh?" Wulf gave her a gracious smile. "Well, we need to work off that ice cream, don't you think?"

Sara started to nod looking a bit like a bobbleheaded kitty, "Yes please." She bounced on his shoulders slightly.

"Okay," responded Byrnes. "You want the holodeck, and without a parent that is not accessible. So, tell me what you want in the holodeck and I will set it up...after I get your name and who your parents are."

"Oh right, that would help wouldn't it. My name is Sara Matthews, My mommy is Lieutenant Alyssa Matthews, she's the Chief Op-Operations Officer." Sara told him with a slight giggle.

"Nice, kiddo." Responded Wulf. "I am Beowulf Byrnes, the Chief Engineer, so your mom and I will work closely together. Those who call me friend call me Wulf." He then changed tactics. "So, little one, what is it you want to see in a holodeck?"

"Dinosaur world?" She asked him cocking her head slightly then looked through his hair slightly, "wulf? but you don't have any ears?" She asked curiously putting her hands on his head and using that to push up slightly to lean over and look him in the eyes. "Are you a wulf? or is that just a nick name?" She asked curiously.

"I'm a Wulf," said Byrnes, not able to quit grinning at this youngster. "My ancestors revered the wolf and the Raven, so my da named me Beowulf after a legend in our history. The wolf is in the heart, Sara." He grabbed her under the armpits, letting her twirl somersault style in his arms until she faced him, then held her in an arm so he could look her in the face. "I can let you see Dinosaur world, but it will be very fake. I can't allow you to be hurt, so I have to set the safeties all the way. Not fake as in not real looking, but T-Rex won't chase you for miles to try and eat you." He chuckled at that.

Sara giggled as he let her summersault slightly and grinned as he held her still. "Awww take all the fun out of it why don't you Wulf!" She crossed her arms over her little chest and pouted at him. Though she was only mock pouting she really didn't want to be chased by a giant man eating T-Rex she was just a little kitty, "Ok besides my little legs wouldn't run that fast I'd have to let you do the running for me." She grinned unrepent.

Byrnes carried her down the corridor, turning a few times, then came upon a panel next to a larger door/archway. He tapped the keys, seeing this holodeck was empty, so he punched in his codes. He would change the codes as soon as she was inside the chamber because he noticed she was fixated on his hand tapping keys, and any child this bright would remember what he had tapped for access. "Alright, it is ready." He said, setting her on her feet and taking her hand as they walked in, the archway opening up into a jungle tree-line near to an open field and a large lake. A hundred yards out from them stood a brontosaurus as it casually ate the soft, wetland foliage.

"Oh My God!" Sara hissed excitedly trying not to startle it. "Can I feed it!?" She asked Wulf bouncing in place excitedly having a feeling that if she had just tried to run after it he'd keep a tight hold of one hand causing her to jerk back so she didn't try but she did bounce because she was excited.

Kneeling on a knee, eye level, Wulf gave a smile as she turned to face him. "Sara, the safeties are on. When I turn on the safeties this world becomes a petting zoo. All the creatures don't see you as a threat, or food, and they are friendly because of that. So, yes, you can pet the Bront, just make sure it sees you approach. If a T-Rex is in the area, it will let you pet it too. Nothing will hurt you in here." He turned her to face the beast. "Go ahead, I'll stay by the arch."

"Ok, but just so you know that's basically a big cow that one only eats veggies." She grinned back at Wulf over her shoulder and then skipped towards the long neck. She grinned as it lowered it's head along it's long neck to the ground and let her pet it on the nose as it chewed on more leaves from the bushes by the lake. Sara giggled as she did so kissing it before it moved slightly away.

Byrnes stood and backed up, reaching the archway. Remembering to do so he activated his CEO status and changed his code for holodeck activation/shutdown. Sara had seen those numbers, and that sharp mind might have just tucked it into memory for later excursions away from adults. ~I was born during the day, kid. But, not yesterday~ He thought. He crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against the arch, watching as Sara smiled, giggled, and ran here and there, trying to see everything at once. With the G-rated safeties, the predators wouldn't even attack the others, with all the blood and gore that would not be good for some young minds.

Sara didn't mind she just liked seeing all the dinosaurs, the young caitian/human ran around until she was practically dizzy, but she was also coming down from her sugar high really and by the time she made her way back towards Wulf she was looking a lot more sleepy than when he first met her. She gave him a tired smile really.

"Come on," said Byrnes, opening his arms for her to come into. "You look tired and we need to find someone to take you in. And, no arguments," he gave her a pseudo-serious expression. "Deal?"

One little fist rubbed her eyes as she moved into his arms nodding. Besides she didn't have the strength to argue right now.

Scooping the girl up, and carrying her on his left arm, Wulf shut down the holodeck and then spun around. "Hey, hey," she looked at him, still rubbing those eyes. "Where is home, or a babysitter?"

Sara blinked sleepily she had been asleep when her mother had gotten the room assignment, she only remembered Lady waddington and Ferguson. "Ferguson and lady wadding were watching me." She said sleepily.

It took everything Wulf had not to make a sour face. Instead, he gave a grin. "Who is your mom?"

Sara did make a sour face at him though. "I told you that already member? I said Lieutenant Alyssa Matthews." She playfully stuck her tongue out at him.

Byrnes chuckled. "Okay, fair enough." Not wanting to keep the girl awake Wulf walked with a casual gait down the corridor he had originally found her in. She eventually put her head on his shoulder, which he knew would happen with the swaying and rocking of walking, like her subconscious remembered as a baby in the womb. So, he just walked and carried her, switching arms when needed.

Sara just slept against him one arm holding onto him the other holding onto her kitty doll.

Wandering along, no matter how long it took, Byrnes was in stride.

Alyssa was in her office going over some paperwork and reports.

"Computer, location of Lieutenant Matthews, Operations Manager." Byrnes waited and within seconds the facility's brain got back to him.

"Lieutenant Matthews is in her office."

Making his way through the station, Wulf arrived at the OPS chief's office, pressing the chime.

"Enter!" She called taking a chance to take a sip of her water, though her eyes widened when she saw an officer enter with her sleeping child. Then she looked wondering where Tazanna was.

"Sshhh," scolded Byrnes, his eyes full of mirth. "You'll wake her. It's not every day a girl gets to pet dinosaurs." Saying this he stepped inside, saw the small sofa, so moved over to it and cradling Sara's head, laid her down. He made sure she had an arm cushion for a pillow before turning toward the mother. "She was trying to access the holodeck, dinosaur world or something. Anyway, she got my version, safeties on and petting zoo style. Apologies if that was out of line, but she had no adult supervision, so I stepped in."

Alyssa moved to cover Sara with the crochet throw she had over the couch in her office was one of the only personal touches she's been able to make so far, "Not at all," Alyssa said with a smile and keeping her voice low so she didn't wake Sara, "I'm sorry if she gave you any trouble, I left her with my friend Sergeant Tazanna Wilcox, she had offered to take Sara to meet with Lady Waddington while I met with the Captain. I guess Sara got bored though and wondered off if youf ound her trying to access the holodeck controls." She sighed and rubbed her forehead. "I'm sorry I'm Lieutenant Alyssa Matthews." She introduced herself holding her hand out to him.

Wulf shook the offered hand. "Beowulf Byrnes, CEO. Like I told Sara, Wulf is what I go by." He looked down at the child a moment, grinning, then back at Alyssa. "It was no trouble, really. Just a girl on a sugar high who needed to burn it off. I changed the code on the holodecks, since she might have seen me punch it in. Last thing I need is a murder charge for a girl eaten by T-Rex." He chuckled, keeping his voice low.

Alyssa laughed softly, "good thinking, she has a photographic memory, well when it comes to numbers and codes. Once she sees your number she can input it and use it anytime she likes. On my last posting, she'd take to wandering the corridors for something to do first day on the job she slipped away from the nanny and bumped into the Executive Officer, well he did the same thing took her to the holodeck, she saw him put his code in next thing I know there's a pool on the bridge and she's doing a cannon balls. Thankfully the Captain had found it amusing enough not to get upset with her." Alyssa smiled at the memory. "She had been four at the time."

"Well," Responded Wulf. "The internal sensors have her logged, so not too tough to shut her down on her wanderings. The computer can automatically keep her out of dangerous areas with a simple program. Force fields, locked doors, secure panels--all that."

"She's too curious for her own good. but she loves the holodeck." Alyssa smiled. "and yes there is tons of protocols and securities to keep her out of any dangerous areas on the station." She gave a nod. "So she talked you into taking her to going to Dinosaur world huh? did she have fun?" Alyssa asked leaning back against her desk. "Oh, would you like a drink?" She asked softly.

Byrnes stepped over closer to mom, not wanting his voice to disturb Sara, who was breathing deeply lost in dreams. "No, I'm fine, thank you. And yes, she had fun. Was petting a brontosaurus and exploring the swamp. With safeties, nothing harms her or is afraid of her." He smiled at a memory. "She told me your name upon first meeting, which I had spaced while entertaining, and asked again. She gave me the 'what for' for that one. Smart kid."

Alyssa smiled, "She is a smart kid," Alyssa said looking at her daughter her eyes darkening with sad memories. Remembering how Bryan had never been interested in meeting his daughter. She'd remembered how much it hurt to go back to the dorm room she had shared with him to find him and everything he owned gone. Leaving her alone and pregnant with nothing to turn to but her academy classes.

Byrnes saw the far-away look in those eyes, and with the women he'd been with it meant deep thinking. "Well, just know she has a guardian in engineering.. Also, for the future, I'll let my people know she might, at times, try to be sneaky and explore where she shouldn't." His tone got a bit more firm, but not demeaning. "That's on you too, mom. She needs to be taught that there are places on this base that will harm her, badly, and once she is exposed it will be too late."

Alyssa blinked her thoughts away and bowed her head slightly so he wouldn't see her blink away tears. Shaking her purple head she looked up at the CEO with her Yellow eyes, making sure she looked him in the eyes. "She knows about them, I've taken her to each place that is dangerous and where she shouldn't go on her own and she's promised me she would stay away from them. However she is still curious and her favorite place. She also knows that by going where she shouldn't or sneaking away fro..." She trailed off realizing what he said, "A guardian?" She asked him arching one elegantly shaped brow at him. The only father figure Sara's ever known was her grandfather to be honest.

"Yes, a guardian." Byrnes kept his face neutral, but the way she reacted to the word was curious. "Someone who will look out for her should she wander to less safe places. Every time she does, though, I will chew your butt for it, or whoever let her escape and get that far. This base is in shambles, a new place we set up quick to have somewhere to call home. All the kinks haven't been worked out yet, which means the dangerous areas you showed her are probably not the only ones. There are reasons why certain areas are still closed off until we can get to them."

She was starting to brisle just a bit under his tone as if he were accusing her of not caring enough about her daughter. "I can assure you Lieutenant that I have always kept my daughter safe from anything I thought might harm her. I will continue to keep her safe with or without the help of others, now I do not know yet how she slipped away from Tazanna, but I will find out and I will make sure she does not wander off again." Alyssa said managing to keep her temper in check enough not to raise her tone higher than a whisper, but she sure as hell wasn't going to stand by and let some one who didn't know her call her a bad mother because that was technically what it sounded like to Alyssa.

She had done the best job she possibly could considering she was a single parent whom her parents had only offered to watch the child not help raise her. She had made sure to look the Lieutenant in the eyes as she spoke only when she felt tears burn at the back of her eyes did she turn away feeling stupid and foolish for letting the memory of Bryan continue to hurt her with not even wanting to know his own daughter. She had told Sara when she started asking questions that he had died defending his ship, but that was only temporary until Sara was old enough to know the truth. How could she tell her child her father hadn't wanted her let alone alife with them.

"Fine," stated Byrnes, throwing his hands up with finality. "Apologies for caring, it won't happen again. Have a good...whatever." Wulf turned and walked out.

Oh she could have kicked herself that was no way to thank someone who had just brought her daughter back to her safely. Alyssa hurried after him, "Wait Wulf," She said as she caught up to him. "Look I'm sorry, I shouldn't have snapped at you like that." She said on a sign having managed to contain her tears for now, unfortunately her eyes shined with unshed tears. "I went on the defensive a bit and I'm sorry on my last assignment before Sara had been sent to my parents my boss tried to accuse me of being a bad parent. Of not keeping my daughter under enough control that she didn't wander where she shouldn't go." She explained looking into his eyes as she spoke.

Byrnes had stopped when she had asked him to, turning halfway to watch her walk up face to face. "Hey, I get it, my tone got a bit serious. But, I have a serious job and the last thing I need is to be distracted by wandering children in my engineering spaces. I was NOT accusing you of anything, and when I said what I said about chewing your butt, I didn't let on that it was meant to be in fun, while making a point. Your anger is understandable." During his four years at the Academy and doing engineering courses it was part of the curriculum to watch internal sensor logs from starships, to see what could and would happen to people who got killed due to negligence. There were quite a few horror stories about children in jeffries tubes and crawlspaces, very little left of them to pick up, or horrid enough to have made twenty year veterans puke their guts out. It was something Wulf worked very hard to never have happen on his watch, and so far, the gods had looked out for him.

"I'll make sure she stays out of your engineering bay, and that she doesn't go where she should, especially with the station in such disarray." Alyssa promised. Even if she had to make Sara think she'd be sent back to earth without her which would be a total bluff, she would make sure her daughter stopped wandering where she shouldn't go. "Thank you again for bringing Sara back to me." She said softly.

"Miss Alyssa, it was my pleasure." Byrnes grinned at her. "Now, raise that chin and stand tall, you wear gold, it's a must. Also, if Sara wants to see engineering then I will gladly take her there to observe, safely. It's when they play hide and seek in the crawl spaces that I get perturbed. I've been doing this for over a decade and I still get burned by plasma," he chuckled.

"So do I." She said with a slight smile. "If she wishes to see Engineering I'll take her to see you personally." Alyssa said softly.

"Fair enough," Wulf said, smiling. "I will add, even in my off time. I'll come down and show her things one at a time, as she asks what they are."

"Thank you Wulf." Alyssa said softly glad Sara had made a friend, even if he was old enough to be her dad. Though that thought worried Alyssa a bit she did not wish Sara to get hurt.

"Well, this base won't fix itself," said Wulf, giving a grin and wink. "I better get back to it. Have a good evening, Alyssa." He turned and strode out the door.

She gave a nod and let him go this time before turning back to the sleeping child and shook her head. "We haven't been here a week and already you've started causing trouble for me." She smirked slightly her child looked like an angel sleeping like that. She sighed and would have to think of suitable punishment for running off.



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