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Cross training

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 @ 12:57am by Major Michael Phoenix & Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Marine berth
Timeline: current


Making his way to 'marine country', Wulf accessed the corridor leading to Major Phoenix's office. Finding it, seeing he was inside, Byrnes knocked on the doorjamb.

Michael looks up from his file as he leans back " Come in " he said as he picks up his coffee, Mary was reading one of her books on the couch that was in his office with her music playing through her earbuds.

"Thank you, Major," said Byrnes as he entered, glancing at the child a moment. "Hope to not be interrupting your day." He came to stand before the marine CO's desk, not all prim and proper, but as an officer of equal status. "I have an idea and wanted to run it by you, since the idea includes your department."

Michael stood up to great Byrnes " Hello Lt, call me Michael here if you would "he said then looking at Mary " That is Mary my daughter she is just reading and listen to music " Michael said to him " What is this idea and would you like coffee " he asked.

Wulf gave the girl a wave and nod of hello, but being caught up in her own world she didn't see it. Byrnes figured as much, being a child, so returned his attention to the Major. "Wulf, Major. That's what I go by among familiar faces." He gave a dismissive wave of the hand to that. "Anyway. I have been on away teams, both with TAC officers and marines, learning the basics of unit tactics. Since I am the CEO I am requesting permission to train with your marines, and you. This way, if you need an engineer on site then you can rest assured that the one you drag along has at least a rudimentary understanding of fireteam strategy. At the same time, I can train your leathernecks in basic engineering protocols, making them more efficient for boarding actions."

Michael nods listen to Wulf " I see just you " he asked as he hands Wulf some coffee " It's black I don't do cream or sugar " Michael adds as he takes his chair pulling up his roll call.

"Cream and sugar are for wussies," said Byrnes, nodding thanks for the beverage. "I like my coffee like I like my women, hot and bitter. " He chuckled a moment, then got back on point. "Basically, I myself want to train with you lot. The other engineers, it will be voluntary only. I know that Ensign Sirico will want to train, she's a go-getter." Wulf gave Michael a quizzical look. "Are you shutting me down, Firebird? If this is a bit much at this time, I understand."

" never said I was Lt " Michael said to him " We can set up something pick 10 of your engineers and I will take 10 marines to let you train engineering to " Michael said "But remember this once you enter this bay you and those officers are mine and will run and work their asses off " Michael said as Mary giggled "Sorry dear " he said to her.

"I would expect nothing less," replied Wulf, glancing back over his shoulder at the young lady, giving a wink. "Just keep in mind if an engineering incident occurs, no matter the training schedule, I will leave immediately to see to it."

Michael nods " Very well "he said as he works on his PADD " bring a team here 0600 tomorrow morning and we will start " Michael told him as he looks up " Please make sure they get some sleep tonight" Michael added.

"Will do. Thanks Major." Byrnes turned and walked out, giving a nod of goodbye to the little girl. Time to gather his flock and see who wanted in on this.

" Hmm engineers with marines.. " Michael said leaning back as Mary took her earbuds out of her ears " They might run away " she said with a smile " They might my dear " Michael said to her with a chuckle "You ready for some food " Michael asked her " Yes " Mary said getting her things together and joined her father at the door to go get something to eat.


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