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A little down-time

Posted on Thu Jun 1st, 2017 @ 12:19am by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: quarters
Timeline: current


Byrnes, after another long day getting this FOB back in working order, entered his quarters and unzipped his engineer's vest, tossing it into a chair. Reaching up with both hands he mussed his own hair, scratching back and forth vigorously to get the capillaries flowing better, stripping down as he went to his bathroom. Starting the water shower, hot and steamy, he angled his face toward the ceiling. "Computer, play Carmina Burana, half volume throughout these cabins." The computer acknowledged and within moments the first track, O Fortuna, began to play. Stepping into his shower Wulf began to scrub away the day's grime.

After the shower and dressing in a clean uniform, engineer's vest added, Byrnes put the soiled linens through the refresher, hanging them after they were done. His people had been working overtime, split shifts, and double shifts to get the small amenities operating. Replicators were still hit and miss, some in worse wear than others, but each would be gotten to in time. His own personal replicator was down, not something he stressed over, since there were plenty of ration packs to choose from. He glanced at the stack of them in a corner, the ones he had absconded for himself, grinning. First order of business; survival. If they got hit by the Borg, or some other enemy, then he had what he would need to stuff a bugout bag full and head deep into the unexplored caverns.

"Computer," said Byrnes, tired of what was playing. "Switch the music to Black Label Society, random tracks." Again, the computer acknowledged and the first track chosen was 'In This River'. Going over to his guitar in its stand, Wulf took it up and strapped it on, tuning for a few minutes before telling the computer to start the song over, deleting the lead guitar, which he now played.


"In This River"

(Original Artist): Black Label Society/Zakk Wylde

I've been around this world
Yet I see no end
All shall fade to black again and again
This storm that's broken me
My only friend

In this river all shall fade to black
In this river ain't no coming back
In this river all shall fade to black
Ain't no coming back

Withdrawn I step away
Just to find myself
The door is closed again
The only one left
This storm that's broken me
My only friend

[Chorus x2]
[Chorus x2]


Halfway through the song his chime had sounded, he said come in quickly, and in walked Sirico. She did not disturb him, instead waiting and watching him play, seeing he was wrapped up in the emotions of the tune. When the song ended he turned the guitar off and set it in its stand. "Hi, Sicily. What can I do for you?"

"That was beautiful," said Cristina. "Sorry I interrupted."

Byrnes waved it off with a grin. "Not a problem. Someday you can listen as I play the piano portion."

Sirico smiled. "Let me know when." It was her turn to wave a hand. "Anyway, we have an issue with a generator. Fusion reactors tend to be fussy, Boss."

"With the state of this palce when we arrived, I ahve no doubts," replied Wulf. "Lead the way, Ensign."

Nodding at that, Sirico walked out with Byrnes on her heels.



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