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Meeting Family

Posted on Fri Jun 2nd, 2017 @ 11:09pm by Lady Catherine Waddington & Major Michael Phoenix

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Diplomatic Office

Michael walked with Mary after he made classes and gear for school had been taken care of he also thought it would be nice for her to make some friends while they are here and enrolled her into some programs " We are going to see Taz she is family I hear she's a bodyguard here " Michael told her as she nods " Is she like grandma and grandpa " Mary asked him " She is of mom's blood, I haven't seen her in a little while" Michael said as they walked into the Diplomatic office. " Can I help you Major? " the officer behind the desk asked "Yes I am looking for a Tazanna Wilcox," Michael asked as Mary moved close to him due to the large group near.

"She is on the promenade with the Lady Catherine Waddington. Redheaded woman." the officer pointed to two women looking at the stalls " Thank you " Michael said as he looks at Mary " Can I stay here " she asked him " No love it is safe here I will make sure they don't hurt you " Michael said to her Mary nods as she walked with her father to the stalls "Taz " Michael said to her.

Tazanna looked around. Not many people shortened her name. Spotting her cousin she chuckled. "Hello, Mikey. Lady Catherine I'd like you to meet my cousin Michael Phoenix and this little angel must be Mary." Tazanna said to the flame-haired woman next to her.

"Hello, Major Phenix isn't it?" she asked

" Hello Taz and yes it is Ma'am, " Michael said to them as Mary hides behind him gripping his jacket from behind even tho she was nearly 10 she did not like groups of people.

"Hello, Mary. It's a little crowded here isn't it?" Catherine smiled, Mary nods her head into her father's jacket

" She is really shy but seems to enjoy being in the marine bay, " he said to them.

"Well its Fergusons day off but you are welcome to ours. Tazanna can bring you up to speed on whats been happening and I can get paperwrk done and I think we have some ice cream" Catherine smiled at Mary

Mary didn't move or say anything " so what is going on I heard some scuttlebutt about dragons, " Michael said as Mary put her earbuds into her ears

"Heard about it but never paid much heed." Tazanna admitted as they walked back towards the turbo lift. Michael nods as he moved with them Mary stays behind him " Would be a little weird to see something like that maybe if we kill one I can keep the skull " he chuckled to himself.

"EEw I see why she has earphones in now." Lady Catherine laughed as she ordered the lift to her floor.

Michael joined them with Mary standing close to him " shes use to my ways but I can't seem to get her out of that shell of hers "

"would help if she was not autistic." Tazanna commented

" Had her tested for everything and shes fine, her mother didn't help at all with anything and she pretty muched dropped her off " Michael said " One she was older she came around a little treated her like shit and dropped her off again"

"Really? she s so like our Yani with the ASD. Brilliant medic. Shitty social skills though" Tazanna chuckled

" She just needs someone to get her out of the that bubble she loved working with dad.. he showed her how to take rifles apart " Michael said

"Any female in the family could teach her that." Tazanna laughed as the door opened on Catherine's floor.

" You know dad he likes doing things like that and he did teach all of us how to shoot young "

"I remember." Tazanna smiled as Catherine opened the door.

"mom hated that " Michael said as he checked on Mary who was singing lightly with the music.

"Na she was thinking of all the charges you could get pulled up on." Tazanna grinned

"Your mother is lovely." Catherine stated as she prepped coffee cups. "Mary would you like some ice cream?"

" Yes please " Mary said as she pulled out her earbuds " Granny is the best " she said " She is that " Michael said with a smile

"I met her a few years back. Surprised her hairs so dark though." Catherine remarked

" She has had her hair many colors but I believe thats her real color " Michael said " I believe that's why my hair is dark and Sarah's is more like dads"

"I was meaning I was surprised you had not sent her grey" Catherine clarified causing Tazanna to chuckle

" No I believe dad would be the cause of all that all us kids had nothing to do with that " Michael smiled.

"Hey Mary wanna help me with my rifle?" Tazanna asked.

"Daddy says I can't out of the marine bay " she told Taz

"Mikey can we make an allowance as it's my billet and it needs cleaning please?" Tazanna asked

" No sorry she knows the rules about weapons, she isn't to touch one outside the bay and with out me near " Michael said "Plus I like watching the marines faces when she beats the company time "he smirked.

"Thats what our dads did with us." Tazanna remarked. "Poor girls headed for green already"

" I don't wanna be a marine " Mary said "I want to be a Lawyer like grandma " Mary said speaking up a little, Michael chuckled

#"You realise your Grandma is a MARINE lawyer?" Tazanna asked

"Yes but it doesn't mean I need to be a marine to be a laywer " Mary said

" This is true dear " Michael said to her.

"She definately got your mothers brains." Tazanna chuckled.

"Mary darling Icecream." Catherine said chuckling at Tazanna needling her cousin

" I don't know if that is a good thing " Michael said as he watched Mary take the ice cream.

"Your moms not her mom's. Uncle Kain says her brains kept him safe." Tazanna reminded him

" He did but dad is good at what he does she just kept the law off him " Michael said

"Which she wouldn't need to do if he was that smart." Tazanna pointed out

" Believe me dad isnt dumb " Michael said as he watched Mary eat her ice cream-

"Your moms smarter though. " she grinned. Catherine chuckled

"Your mother was representing a couple I was translating for." She told Michael.

"Yes i know she was but don't count him out you know " Michael said

"My mother said that about him." Catherine remarked

Michael didn't say anything as he watched Mary " Grandpa is awesome tho " she said to them.

"Drink?" Catherine asked

" No thank you I need to take her home and ready her for class tomorrow plus we still need to unpack a few things "Michael said with a smile

"Okay." Catherine smiled with her usaul easy going manner

" Plus I have a easly day tomorrow I am training engineers to be marines " Michael told them.

"Sick bay wil be busy then" Tazanna chuckled.

" I will go easy on them " Michael said before looking at Cathrine " would you care for dinner one night " he asked her.

"that would be nice." she smiled.

" Alright how about tomorrow night my cabin I'll cook " Michael said

"Sure" she smiled. " Alright princess lets get a moving " Mary stood up " Thank you for the ice cream " she said to Cathrine " An nice to meet you both " she adds as she moved to the door " I will see you both later and you tomorrow night " he said as he walked with Mary.

"Stay out of trouble cuz" Tazanna called

"Always " Michael said opening the door

" that Cathrine lady is pretty " Mary said

" She is dear " he said as the door shuts.


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