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Tour and new friends

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 4:16pm by Lady Catherine Waddington

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Lady Catherine's Suite
Timeline: TBD


Sara hummed hugging her new kitty dollie to her as she skipped along side Tazanna whom had invited her to meet Lady Wadding. Sara was looking forward to seeing as much of the station as she could so she did not get lost if she decided to explore on her own. "Do we have holodecks here?" She asked in a cheerful tone she loved the holodecks they let you go to all kinds of strange and fun places. Last time she and mommy had been on the holodeck they had gone to the beach to splash around.

"I believe so. I'm afraid I have been a little busy to really know. but maybe Catherne will" Tazanna smiled.

"Is it super busy on a station like this? Will Mommy be able to play with me at night like she use to on the ship?" Sara asked not sure she liked the idea of her mommy not having time for her.

"It's not super busy it simply depends what your job is. As I am security for a diplomat it can be. I am sure your mom will have plenty of time to play." Tazanna added.

"Otay, I just know mommy's been very excited though she's trying to hide it. She got a message from an older officer before we left for our trip here. It was fun we spent so much time in the ships holodecks because she said the trip was a kind of vacation, but she was also preparing for her duties here at night when she thought I was sleeping." Sara told Tazanna as she skipped along side her.

"Aahh." Tazanna nodded as she opened the door to Catherine's chambers. "Hey Cat!" she called "You here?"

"Zanna you really are a one." Catherine smiled. "Poor old Ferguson hates shouting," she reminded her, "and you must be Sara?" Catherine said hooking a strand of fire red hair over her ear.

Sara wasn't one to hide behind someone when she meets new people, well unless her mommy was around. "Yes, I am Sara Matthews," She said in her big girl voice, "Nice to meet you Lady Wadding." She grinned a toothy grin.

Ferguson looked up from his seat at the table with a half-hearted smirk on his face. "I do not hate shouting. I simply see no reason to expend energy raising ones voice when normal volumes are just as effective." He rose from his seat and came around the table to greet Tazanna and her young companion. He gave a knee bending squat and looked at Sara. "So who do we have here?"

She raised one little fist while holding the kitty doll in her other arm and knocked on Sir Ferguson's forehead playfully. "I just said my name is Sara Matthews." She told him with a bit of a giggle.

"Well then Miss Mathews." He looked at Catherine and Tazanna for a moment grinning before turning back to Sara. "Would you like some ice cream?"

"Yes please, Half Chocolate, Half Vanilla." She said matter of factly obviously a six year old who knew her own mind. She grinned at Ferguson liking him since he offered her sweets. At least she remembered her manners though as well.

Ferguson strode off to the kitchen area to prepare a bowl of deliciousness for their young visitor.

While waiting for her ice cream she walked up to lady Waddington and looked up at her curiously wondering what she did on the ship the child cocked her head at her curiosly, "What do you do?" She asked softly.

Catherine smiled. "Well I help the Brigadier talk to people to get things we need and Tazanna makes sure I am safe." Catherine smiled.

"Then you're important? Without you there's no one to help the Brig-g-gadier talk to people?" Sara asked the six year old struggling over the big word. "Can he not talk?" She asked cocking her head curiously.

"Sometimes how rather than WHAT we say is important and someone trained to talk to peple can get a better response." Catherine smiled.

Sara giggled, "So it's not what is said, but how? Mommy is always telling me I need to think before I speak, but I don't think that far ahead I just talk you know I say what's on my mind and everyone here's been pretty nice to me so far I've seen a lot of scary people though since getting here. some that I never saw before." Sara admitted hugging her kitty doll still. The little Caitian/Human looking around her tail flicking slightly. "Where's my ice cream." She pouted though remembering someone saying they'd get her some ice cream.

Ferguson called from the kitchen. "Just about ready little poppit. Would you like some whipped cream and perhaps some caramel or fudge topping?"

"Yes, no, yes, and a cherry on top please!" Sara answered in order of the question, she is going to have such a sugar high that her mom's going to probably ban her from ever seeing this Ferguson character again, but she didn't care. She smiled up at the lady Waddington, she liked her.

"I hope her mother likes hyper kids." Catherine smiled at her companion

"Mommy wont mind." Sara giggled innocently.

"Lets hope not." Catherine smiled. "Where's Wraith?" she asked

Wraith referred to the third memberof their trio. Meredith Thompson. The dark haired pilot stood six foot tall and the more outgoing of the two marines.

"Got called to Mitchell's office." Tazanna commented non commitally. "Don't think she did anything to be called to the princepals office though."

Ferguson returned from the kitchen area with a sizable bowl of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, slathered in fudge syrup and whipped cream, a large cherry crowning the edible edifice. He took it to the table and place it down, along with a Sara sized eating spoon. He looked at Sara and gestured to the bowl. "Enjoy little poppit." He took a step back and joined Lady Catherine nearby.

Sara's eyes widened at the huge desert, it was bigger than she was. A smile slowly graced her small little face and she climbed up onto the chair faster than he could finish saying 'Enjoy little poppit' and had the spoon in hand to start eating the soon to be messy delights. after two little spoonfulls and her little legs kicking she plucked the cherry off the top and tilt her head back to eat it, "Mmmmm" was all she said before diving back into the sugary goodness.

Ferguson watched Sara digging into her treat. The sight brought a nostalgic smile to his face. "She kind of reminds me of you at that age," his comment coming out as he turned to Lady Catherine.

"You say that about all kids at all ages." Catherine chuckled.

Ferguson gave a soft chuckle of his own too. "True. But then I do have fond memories of watching you grow up into the person you are today."

Sara paused in her eating to stare at them fascinated with big sausor eyes at the moment as she was probably taking in far too much chocolate and sugar for a caitian let alone a half human/caitian. "Are you older than the Lady Wadding?" She asked before continuing to consume the confection to the last bite, though with the adults talking she was thinking of slipping out and exploring on her own. She wondered if she could get to the holodeck. Being a child that acts on thoughts without thinking through the consequences she turned to the two adults talking again and slipped off the chair heading towards the door.

Ferguson caught the child's furtive movement off the chair. Several steps of his long stride placed him between Sara and the exit. His mouth may have been in a stern line, but the twinkle in his eye spoke volumes as to experience with children trying to sneak off. "And where do you think you're off to little poppit?"

"What? I was just going to go explore." She grinned looking as innocently as she could.

Ferguson knew now not to take his eyes off this young one for even a second. Though facing Sara, his words were definitively for Catherine. "Now she definitely reminds me of you."

"Well are you older than Lady wadding?" Sara asked again out of curiosity bouncing around the room a bit to. "What's we going to do now?" She asked putting her little hands on her little hips her tail going out straight as she waited for one of them to entertain her.

Ferguson looked down at Sara and nodded. "Yes little poppit. I am considerably older than Lady Waddington. As for where we are going. I think the Plaza would be a good start."

"Yay come on lets go!" She bound out of the chair to grab Ferguson's hand and tried to pull him towards the door. She was too hyper to sit around and do nothing.

Ferguson allowed himself to be dragged to the door as he called out to the others. "I guess we are taking the little poppit here for a tour."
Catherine looked at Tazanna

"The park?" she suggested. Tazanna nodded her head.

"Would let her run off some of the sugar." she agreed

"Yay!" Sara jumped up and down still holding Ferguson's hand.

Ferguson, still holding Sara's hand, led the way out of the residientual suite and towards the transit tubes that would take them to the promenade.

Sara skipped along side Ferguson happily, ok so she wanted to run around but was still holding his hand for the moment.

Sara ran around the park, it was a nice park really, and there were some other kids there, but she didn't know any of them yet and despite how open she was with adults she wasn't as open with other kids because well kids can be cruel sometimes to someone they didn't know or was different. So sara did not try to make friends with any of them yet. She would start first grade in a day or so so hopefully she'll meet some friends then.

Sara looked around at all the adults talking she was bored with the park but did not want to interrupt the adults. She thought about it for maybe a second somewhere in the back of her head she knew she should stay with the adults watching her. unfortunately, sara was never really one to follow the rules if she could help it and she wanted to go to Dinosaur world on the holodeck. So she started back inside the station in search of a holodeck.



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