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Warriors of Peace

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:23pm by Major Michael Phoenix & Commander Andrew Knight

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Commander Knight's Office
Timeline: TBD

Drew was standing at the office replicator when the chime to his office door rang out. He retrieved his black coffee from the cubby and glanced at the door. "Enter."

Michael walks in he held Mary's hand walking her to a chair watching her take the a seat he smiled. "Sorry ... I have to take her to see her new teacher and I don't have someone to look after her when she isn't in school," Michael said as he hands her some ice cream. "Major Phoenix reporting in." Michael said to Drew as he now stood at attention. Mary watched eating her ice cream.

Drew gave Michael a nod and gestured with his coffee hand. "Relax Major Phoenix." He looked at the replicator for a second before glancing back to Michael. "May I get you something? Coffee or tea?"

"Coffee please and tea for Mary," he said relaxing a little as he looked at the Commander than back to Mary. "Clean your face dear you have ice cream on it, "he told her. "I know daddy," she said using a napkin on her face.

Drew ordered up the beverages for his visitors and brought them over. He gave Michael his drink first and then gave a mug of tea to Mary. "Here you go young lady."

Michael took the drink. "Thank you sir," Michael said to Drew. Michael looked over at Mary. "Thank you," she said shyly as she took the mug then a drink. "What can you tell me about the base," Michael asked Drew.

Drew keyed in a few commands at his office workstation and gestured to the wall mounted monitor. A diagram of the base came up. "As you can see virtually the entire base is below the surface of the asteroid. It's set up in a series of functional hubs connected by a network of travel tubes."

Michael watches and looks over at the wall mount, "Very nice, how large of a force will the marines have once the General and you get to full staff," Michael asked.

Drew glanced at Mary for a moment. The information Michael asked about was not cleared for the ears of a young child. "I'll send you some specifics later on or meet with you tomorrow on bringing you up to speed on what a full operational plan is."

"I see. Would you like me to ask her to stay in the hall for a moment?" Michael asked as he looked at Mary who was drinking her tea.

Drew keyed a switch on his desk and a moment later a yeoman entered. "Yes sir?"

Drew gestured to Michael.

"Mary dear go with the Petty Officer here," he said looking at her as she stood up. "Don't worry I'll be right here." Mary nods as she stood up walking with the Yeoman into the hall she didn't speak at all as she was a little scared around others but her father.

Drew turned to Michael as the door shut. "Your battalion is the first of three elements to arrive. Starfleet Command has decided, due to the Borg threat, to deploy a fully manned and operational Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Rock. You are to command the Ground Combat Element. The Air Wing will task out craft for any operations until a dedicated marine composite squadron arrives to form the basis for the Aviation Combat Element. Brigadier General Mitchell and base staff will provide an ad hoc Logistics and Command Element as needed, but I gather operational control will remain largely in your hands."

Michael nods. "Very well best thing I can do now is check out the marine hall and check everything there and make sure it is up to my standards." Michael said as he pulled out his PADD taking a few notes it was something he learned from his father.

Drew raised a hand to stall Michael's departure for only a moment longer. "One more thing. There are 30 plus marines that were part of the survivors of the Battle of Starbase 900. Please do your best to integrate them into your battalion. Preferably together."

Michael nods. "I will look into seeing what I can do to keep them together but I can't promise anything," he told Drew. "Is that all," he asked the Commander.

"I think we've covered enough for the moment. Go and enjoy the rest of the day with your daughter." Drew went back to his desk, speaking over his shoulder. "You can also tell Yeoman Second Class Jones to assist you in registering Mary at the Children's Center...and that she can have the rest of the day off after that."

Michael nods " I will handle my daughters affairs " Michael said making his way to the door " Ready dear " Michael asked as he looked over at Mary as she was in a chair in the hallway, Michael smiled at her as she stood " Let's get you into your classes and check on the marine bay " Michael said " We still need to get food for home " Mary told him. " this is true also " Michael said " We can do all that before sunset I'm sure " he said to her with a smile as he walked with her.


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