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Meeting the Brigadier General of the Rock

Posted on Sat May 27th, 2017 @ 8:29pm by Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews
Edited on on Sat May 27th, 2017 @ 8:36pm

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: CO's Office
Timeline: After the XO Visit


After her visit with the Executive Officer, Alyssa almost went to check on her daughter, but she knew that Sara was fine with Taz and this Lady Waddington whom she has not met yet. Alyssa could not do this because she still needed to visit with the CO as well to check in. Alyssa found that she preferred to see not just the XO when checking in but the Captain as well for it was a sigh of respect really. Making her way back down the corridor towards the lift. Alyssa hit the call button for the lift nodding to a passing officer on the station as she exited.
The doors opened with a swish sound and Alyssa moved to step onto the lift. “Command Deck.” She said softly watching the doors close. Once they did close, she moved to stretch having to try to work out all the kinks. She yawned from having been up so long, the feline would quite rather be in her quarters and out of this uniform. Alyssa really hated the confining feeling of this uniform or any other one really. The doors to the lift started to open as she moved to the command deck just one above the previous deck. Making her way down the corridor towards the Captain’s Office she hit the chime letting him know of her presence on the other side.

Christopher was standing in front of the view screen reading an intelligence report on Borg activity when the chime sounded. Turning towards the door, he tugged on his uniform to straighten it.

"Enter!" he commanded.

Alyssa walked through the doors as she was commanded to enter came to attention. "Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews Reporting for Duty." She said unable to prevent the natural purr that came with her words her tail flicking about behind her slightly.

Christopher looked the woman over, keeping an eye on the tail that was flicking back and forth. Feline humanoids always took him off guard because he never knew where to keep his eyes. "Stand at ease, Lieutenant." Picking up a PADD, he searched through the personnel records until he found the one he was looking for.

"Matthews, Alyssa. Lieutenant Junior Grade. A graduate of the Class of 2385, ranked first in your class on the Operations track, and fresh off of an assignment as the Supply Officer aboard the USS Pequod. So tell me, Lieutenant. What brings you out to the Delta Quadrant? They don't usually hand out Chief Operations Officer spots on bases to too many Lieutenant JGs." Christopher asked, sizing her up. All too often, the downfall of junior officers was confidence. Christopher was looking for a spark of confidence that indicated that she could not only be sound in her decision making but back up those decisions when questioned.

"I requested this assignment of Admiral Janeway herself for the chance to prove I can be a good Chief of Operations." Alyssa told him remembering how surprised she was when she got the response back from Admiral Janeway. Alyssa had gotten passage on the first ship heading out to Forward Operations Base Anchorage with her child as soon as her transfer papers were in hand.

Chris smiled slightly. "Well, if the Admiral thinks you're good enough, then I'm not inclined to disagree with her but remember that you're the most junior officer here. Your decisions will be questioned by those that outrank you, so be prepared to back up your decisions, no matter if they're right or wrong. Do we understand each other?" he inquired.

"Completely, sir," Alyssa said affirmatively. She understood she would have to prove herself. Had expected as much really otherwise there was no challenge to push her to do better. If she had to claw her way up the levels for respect from her peers then so be it. She would strive to do better each day instead of the best of her ability.

Christopher stood silently for a moment to size the woman up again. "Good. Report to Master Chief Sullivan and he'll get you squared away with your duty shift assignment and command qualifications. Any questions?" he asked, refusing to break eye contact.

"No, sir," Alyssa said refusing to break eye contact either.

"Then you're dismissed," Christopher said as he turned back to the screen which was now displaying the intelligence report.

"Yes, sir." She turned on her heels and exited the CO's office considering he had already turned his attention elsewhere.



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