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Understanding That Family Is The Most Important

Posted on Thu May 25th, 2017 @ 2:37pm by Commander Andrew Knight & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Commander Knight's Office
Timeline: TBD

~*~ Start Joint Log ~*~

Alyssa had not had to check in with an Executive officer for a while her last post before the transfer to the station had last a decent amount of time. The young Caitian/Human pushed her hair off her shoulder as she made her of the promenade and into a turbolift. She leaned against the lift as the doors closed watching her daughter happily chat away with Tazanna. "Deck 1, section Alpha," She said knowing that the stations schematics and how to get to the executive officer's office. Alyssa quietly road the lift until it came to a stop, stepping through the doors after they opened she made her way along the corridor towards the Executive Officer's office. Her yellow eyes taking in the station as she moved wondering what this Commander Andrew Knight was like other than what she briefly learned in his file. She made it a point to know more about the command team where she was posted other than their names.

Her long black fluffy tail moved slightly about behind her as she walked with a cat like grace as she continued along nodding to any officer she saw. Unfortunately, she had to remind herself that her daughter was not at her side but with Tazanna so it was not often that her daughter was not with her when off duty and she was not on duty until she reported in. Coming to stop outside the doors to the XO’s Office Chloe hit the chime made sure she had the PADD with her transfer orders on it in hand and ready to hand over.

Drew sat at his desk going over an reports of the incoming personnel, equipment and supplies that had arrived with the relief vessels. He was just finishing a review of the new members for the FOB Anchorage senior staff when the door chime announced a visitor. He looked up as he keyed an intercom switch at his desk. "Come in, at ease, sit down."

Alyssa came in thankful she had decided to wear her uniform when she went to the Promenade earlier with her daughter to meet Tazanna. "Lieutenant JG, Alyssa Matthews Reporting as ordered." She said coming to attention.

Drew watched her enter and come to attention before his desk. He gave a light chuckle and gestured to a chair. "I did say at ease and sit down Lieutenant Matthews, so please...relax." He rose from the chair behind his desk and returned his coffee mug to the replicator and recycled it. "Care for something to drink Lieutenant?"

She blinked, "Did you? must be too use to XO's that perfer the at attention on first entering sorry." She said with a natural purr as she smiled and moved to sit down. "Iced Vanilla Coffee, heavy on the Cream." She said softly. What? She was a feline, she liked her cream.

"Computer, one iced vanilla coffee, heavy on the cream. Plus, one colombian blend coffee, black." Drew retrieved the drinks and took a seat in the other chair in front of his desk, handing Alyssa her beverage. "First of all, allow me to welcome you to Forward Operating Base Anchorage. We call it the Rock...," he gestured to the stone hewn walls, "...for obvious reasons."

"The Rock..." She thought it over as she sipped her ice coffee, "Has a nice ring to it." She smiled softly not noticing her natural purr. "I have already seen the Promenade with Tazanna and my daughter Sara." She said softly having enjoyed the experience.

Drew cast a curious glance at Alyssa. "Your daughter?"

"Yes my daughter, a six year old bundle of trouble." She smiled softly.

Drew knew the importance of family and how it could be an immense source of strength. More "I understand, believe me, I understand. I have a seventeen year old niece that I look after."

"No children of your own?" She asked cocking her head to one side curiously her black cat ears twitching slightly. "I do not think I could go back to a time when I did not have my daughter with me." Alyssa admitted. "Though she can cause quite a bit of trouble sometimes." She smirked.

Drew chuckled as he shook his head. "No children of my own...yet." He gave thought to Cara and a warm smile spread across his face. "I am hoping to be a father though...someday." The next thought to enter his mind was seeing Ashley kiss Private Winters at her seventeenth birthday not so long ago. "I do hope when I do, it's a son. I really don't want to have to terminate the first boy that come calling on a daughter."

Alyssa laughed softly, "I never understood that why is it alright for your son to be a threat to someone else's daughter, but it is not alright for your daughter to be interested in boys?" Alyssa asked curiously remembering what it was like to fall in love with Bryan during her academy, however, this thought also made her sad. To her it felt as if it were the womeon of any society that got hurt because the Men were still alowed to act anyway they pleased. She shook her head to wipe Bryan from her memory. She hadn't seen him since she had told him she was pregnant. Her child has never known her father and if she had her way, will never know her father until the day she was old enough to make that decision for herself.

Drew may have not been a Betazoid, but he did have a great deal of human empathy. He watched as conflicting emotions crossed Alyssa's face. His own expression altered to one of concern. "I apologize. My comment was insensitive. I...." He suddenly felt at a loss for words.

"No it is fine, Just Sara's father was never really interested in being a father. He was interested in helping to make her because that is the fun part. Unfortunately the moment he learned I was pregnant he dropped out of the academy and I haven't heard from him since." She explained slightly managing to conceal her emotions again. "It is why I never understood why parents are less concerned about what their sons do with someone else's daughter and far more concerned with what someone else's son is doing with their daughter if that makes any sense."

Drew could not imagine what it must have been like for Alyssa. Pregnant at the Academy, starting her career and motherhood at the same time. You add to that being selected by Admiral Janeway for this assignment and he knew he was in the presence of a formidable person. "Well, let me just say it is an honor and privilege to have you on the senior staff here at Forward Operating Base Anchorage." He punctuated his statement by extending a hand.

Alyssa blinked at him for a moment then reached to shake his hand, "Thank you sir." She said wondering what had just happened really. "I do hope to be an asset to the Forward Operation Base Anchorage." She said softly.

Drew gave Alyssa a reassuring smile and squeeze to her hand. "I have no doubts you will be that and more Lieutenant Matthews. No doubts whatsoever." He rose and helped her up. "Now, go spend time with your daughter. I will see you tomorrow after you get Sara to day care." He released her hand.

"Aye Sir." Alyssa said softly her natural purr in place as she turned to leave his offer finishing her Ice Coffee on her away out so she could recycle the glass.


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