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Problems and Solutions

Posted on Sun May 21st, 2017 @ 8:34pm by Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell & Commander Andrew Knight & Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Base Commander's Office
Timeline: Current


Drew looked at his watch as he approached the door to Christopher's office. It was almost time for the daily conference call back to the Alpha Quadrant and he didn't want to be late. He rapped his knuckles on the door.

Hearing the echo of the sharp knocks on the door, Christopher looked up from the long list of status reports scrolling down his console and looked over to the mug of coffee that was now cold and a murky brown. Looking down at his clock, he could see a red reminder pulsing gently that reminded of the call that he now needed to make with Starfleet Command "Enter!" he said forcefully, looking forlornly to the cup of now wasted coffee.

Drew entered and approached the desk. He took notice of the mug of tepid coffee. He placed the mug in his hand and slid it across the desk. "Here sir. I just filled this from the silver bullet in Ops. Haven't even taken a sip."

Christopher caught the mug mid slide and raised it in a gesture reminiscent of a toast. "Thank you." he said as he inhaled the scent of fresh coffee. "What's on your docket today? I've got records of eight altercations across the station over food and supplies yesterday alone. Hydroponics plants are barely keeping up and parts of the base still aren't accessible on Decks 38, 39, and 40."

Drew looked at his own PADD. "Repairs have been completed on the Zumwalt. I wanted to talk to you about taking her out and doing a 48 hour check on her systems."

"It depends. We're still working to get defensive systems back online and I don't want to take our biggest asset too far from the fight. Where do you plan to take her?" Christopher asked, slightly hesitant to allow this course of action. Taking a sip of coffee, he waited for the commander's response.

Drew synced his PADD to Christopher's and sent his tentative plan. He then launched into a quick briefing of his plan. "I want to stay in the star system, be mostly a check out of the Zumwalt's impulse engines, tactical systems and sensor arrays."

Both Christopher's and Drew's commbadge chirped. =A=Sirs, Vice Admiral Janeway's holographic avatar signal coming through. We are transmitting yours through the array right now and syncing real time interface. =A=

Christopher tapped the button on the console. "Patch it through." Casting a sidelong glance over to Andrew. "We'll talk about this later." As the rather imposing form of Admiral Janeway materialized in front of his desk, Christopher moved his chair slightly backward so that he could address her.

Drew nodded at Christopher's last comment, then turned to await the 'arrival' of Admiral Janeway.

Janeway's image gave both men a nod of her head. "Good afternoon gentlemen. We only have eleven minutes so let's get to it shall we."

Christopher simply nodded. Despite his years of combat and service, this woman left him uneasy. He couldn't shake the memory of her threat to kill both him and his people if needed. She was stone cold and she knew it.

Admiral Janeway looked down at the PADD in her hand and began her general announcement to address issues that had been brought to her attention. "First I would like to inform both of you that a Mayflower-class Colonial Transport and an Akira-class Heavy Cruiser or both be refitted with a Quantum Slipstream Drive and should be able to depart Mars space by the end of this week. The transport will have nearly 5000 volunteers to help you get the station up and running, as well as, much needed materials and supplies."

"Understood, ma'am. The assistance is much appreciated. Our people could use some leave when their relief arrives- if you'd be willing to send the manifest, I'll have them assigned prior to their arrival.

"The Akira-class will have the equipment and personnel to fill out your requirement to bring the Air Wing and a reinforced marine rifle company up to strength. There will also be specialized replicators. So let Doctor Nichols know she'll have her pharmaceutical replicator in the next six weeks." Admiral Janeway looked up from her PADD. "Are here any new developments on you end I should be made aware of?"

Christopher gulped slightly. "At present, there's one thing. The Borg have been silent since the attack and they've retreated back to the boundaries of their space. I can't help but feel like they're waiting for us. They saw us depart into the asteroid field but beyond that, they haven't pursued. I'm concerned as they could be waiting for us to show our faces but we can't hide forever."

Drew took a deep breath and added his two latinum slips worth. "I must concur with Brigadier General Mitchell's assessment Admiral. While the Rock is operational at this time, we are only doing so at approximately 45% capacity. That is only due to the exceptional dedication of all the inhabitants, civilian and Starfleet alike, giving their best effort." He gave a slight pause as he looked at something on his PADD. "However, we are already experiencing mental, physical and emotional burnout in some cases. We need reinforcement, supplies, additional equipment, but most of all...a long term mission plan."

Janeway glanced between the two officers as she thought over their words. She knew full well what they faced, the daunting tasks that lay before, not only these two men, but every living soul at Forward Operating Base Anchorage. "Whenever my doubts and fears pressed down on me during Voyager's journey back home. I always felt best to fall back on the core principles and values instilled in me by Starfleet and the Federation as a whole. You gentlemen hang on to those and just hang in there for a bit longer and I promise that you will get everything you need to not just survive, but thrive as a unit, a community and...A family."

Christopher sighed slightly. They were finally getting some relief after all of this time and it caused a feeling intense relief to flood through Chris like a wave. Looking over to Andrew, he glanced over to the hologram of Admiral Janeway. "Additionally, ma'am. I'd like to proceed with some exploratory operations once we're manned. Commander Knight recently brought the Zumwalt up to 100 percent efficiency and was requesting authorization to take her out on a shakedown cruise. I don't personally see any reason to deny his request, do you?" he asked, taking another sip of his coffee.

Janeway gave a single nod of her head. "Agreed, but use caution Commander."

Drew also nodded. "Roger that Admiral."

Christopher powered down his personal PADD. "I think that concludes all of my business. Did you have anything further, Commander?" he inquired, fighting the urge to rub his eyes.

Drew gave Christopher a hard look before glancing back to Janeway. "Only two things. General Mitchell here really needs an outstanding yeoman and a Command Master Chief would also be in order."

Janeway looked at both men and nodded. "Very well." She turned her head making a slicing motion across her throat. The real-time holographic avatar of Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway winked out of existence.

Christopher looked over to Drew. "Well that was uncalled for. The first time we met, she threatened to kill us. Now we don't even get the gorram common courtesy of a goodbye. If I didn't know any better, I'd say she didn't like me much." Christopher said sarcastically.

Drew looked at the wall clock and shook his head. "Actually the daily allotted time for avatar interface had arrived. She needed to cut herself off if we were to receive the daily transmission burst for other messages and data files.

Waving his hand away, he looked towards his screen where reports began to flash across them.

Drew rose from his seat and proceeded out to the Ops Center to sort through the data file upload. He paused at the door. "Begging the General's pardon, but...go get some sleep sir." He crossed the threshold and the door closed behind him.



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