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Interesting Developments

Posted on Sun Mar 5th, 2017 @ 2:51am by Commander Andrew Knight & Lady Catherine Waddington

Mission: The Space Between
Location: Residential Complex: Lady Catherine's Suite
Timeline: MD2, 2100 hours

Ferguson cast a disapproving stare at the four young women gathered at the table in the suites dining area. He was trying to concentrate on setting Catherine schedule for the next day, but the constant laughter and talking was making it difficult for him to focus.

Ashley was slightly confused as the three older women tried to explain the card game to her. She scratched her head and studied the cards on the table. "I still don't get it."

"Just guess with candy which pile of cards has the highest value" Tazanna smiled. "nothing more difficult than that."

"And we are only betting with candy" Meredith added.

Ashley looked from one pile to the next and back and forth. She finally placed her bet and sat back. The other two placed their and Catherine turned them over this time Ashley won. "Wow, this is kind of fun." She pulled back her winnings, popping a peppermint into her mouth as she did.

Ferguson sighed.

"Ferguson, are you all right you seem irritated." Lady Catherine asked as she shuffled the cards

Ferguson eyed the quartet at the dinner table. He placed his PADD on the coffee table and rose from his chair. Stepping over to the dinner table he placed a hand on Ashley's shoulder. "I am not quite sure if Luftenant Commander Knight would appreciate you ladies teaching Miss Ashley here a game of chance."

"It was not frowned upon by 1912 standards and we are using candy what's the problem?" Tazanna asked.

The door chime rang before Ferguson could say anything. He promptly turned and went to answer the door. "Ah...Luftenant Commander Knight. Do come in, please."

Drew nodded a greeting to Ferguson as he entered. "Good evening Ferguson."

"Good evening Commander." Meredith and Tazanna said in perfect unison.

"Good evening Andrew" Catherne remarked.

Ashley looked up form her pile of candy and waved at him as she chewed on a toffee. "He' th'r 'ncle D'ew."

Drew took in the scene and shook his head, though he did bear a smile on his face. He gestured to the pile of candy in front of Ashley. "Careful kiddo. They may be setting you up so the next time you come over they can fleece you of all your allowance."

Ashley shook her head, shocked her uncle would even suggest such a thing. "Nah uh. They wouldn't do that to me." She turned to Catherine and the Wonder Twins, "Right? You wouldn't do something like that?"

Ferguson nodded to Catherine. "Lady Catherine would not," he looked at the other two women, "those two however...."

"Would never think of doing such a thing!" Lady Catherine scolded.

Drew nodded absentmindedly, his thoughts going over the days events and the conclusions he had finally arrived at. He looked at Catherine for a moment, still deep in thought. "Could I have a word with you Lady Catherine?" He glanced at Ashley and nodded to her as well. "And you too Ashley?"

"Damen, gib uns einen Augenblick bitte Tazanna, du hast einen Termin. Wraith stellt sicher, dass sie p√ľnktlich dorthin kommt." Catherine stated. The two women stood and left.

Ferguson returned to the coffee table briefly to retrieve his PADD and with a nod to Lady Catherine, he retired to his room.

Ashley looked back and forth between Catherine and Drew several times before settling her gaze on her uncle.

"Is there an issue here?" Catherine asked.

Drew took a deep breath and released it slowly as he looked at both Catherine and Ashey. He finally settled his gaze upon Catherine. "Um.... Lady Catherine, I've not made it a big secret that I've been attracted to you."

Ashley perked up with an Oh, this is going to be interesting expression on her face. She gave a quick glance to Catherine to catch any tell tale response.

"And you know my response to that. Has something happened that you need to telll me?" she asked her face perfectly schooled to show no major emotions.

Ashley darted her eyes to Drew, though somewhat disappointed in Catherine's poker faced expression.

Drew nodded as he faced Catherine squarely. "Something did happen today, two somethings actually, that have made me aware I was projecting on to you something that I've been...afraid to admit to myself for quite some time now."

Ashley's interest only intensified, especially since she remembered a conversation with a certain family friend a while back. Her mouth dropped open as she stared at her uncle.

"I see." She said with an annoying calm "I assue you have now remidied that issue?"

"Yes I have." Drew paused as he carefully chose his next words. "I would like to apologize to you for any misleading and inappropriate words or actions on my part." He was very nervous about losing Catherine's friendship, something he still wanted to maintain. "I do hope that we will always be able to be friends and work with one another amicably."

"No worries dear boy, it has been a rather long couple of days." Catherine said neutrally.

Ashley couldn't contain her curiosity any further. "So what happened between you and Cara?"

Drew looked at Ashley, a thoughtful expression on his face. "We can discuss that later. Right now, get your things so we can head back to our own apartment."

Ashley frowned, but got up to go collect her school books.

Drew turned back to Catherine. "I do want to thank you for letting Ashley be here while I am working late. I do appreciate that very much."

"Not a problem. Ashley dear do come over after school tomorrow if your Uncle is working. Ferguson loves having extras to mother hen," she smiled.

Ashley returned a smile of her own as she rejoined her uncle. "Thanks Lady Catherine. Maybe tomorrow you guys could teach me a new card game?"

"Two things one it's Cat and two Ferguson made cupcakes so don't forget your cupcakes Sweetheart. And you know the rules. Same as today. You get your homework done and we'll teach you a new game."

Ashley nodded. "OK Cat." She went in to the kitchen and grabbed a small box with the aforementioned cupcakes.

Drew faced Catherine and offered his hand to her. "Friends?"

She shook his hand. "I would not say we were enemies." she said with the same calm tone.

Ashley returned to Drew's side and both bade Catherine goodbye. "Have a good night Lady Catherine," Drew said. "See ya tomorrow Cat," was Ashley's farewell.

"Seeya," Catherine smiled.

Ashley and Drew left to return to the own apartment across the corridor.

Ferguson returned to the common area from his room a minute later and took a seat at the table. He placed the PADD on the table and slid it toward Catherine. "I've got you schedule for tomorrow."

"Lovely. Whats on the agenda?" she asked smiling.


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