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Chronic Issues

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Mission: The Space Between
Location: Medical Complex, ER
Timeline: MD 1 - 1400

Ferguson entered the ER section of the Medical Complex several minutes before his designated appointment time. He double checked his pocket watch with a nod of his head and approached the reception nurse's station. "Ferguson Price. I have an appointment with Doctor Nichols."

The nurse smiled, politely, and pressed the intercom button. "Dr. Nichols to the nurses' station. Dr. Nichols to the nurses' station, please," she said and her voice echoed, melodically, through the ER.

Cara came out of the medicine room and smiled, broadly, when she saw the reason for her page. "Ferguson....hello," she said as she walked up to him and extended her hand in greeting. "Welcome to the land of dust and paint fumes," she said, indicating the construction still going on in the ER.

Ferguson returned Cara's smile with one of his own as he took her hand and gave it a firm shake. "I've seen similar projects throughout the base today. Looks to be the norm in the coming days and weeks."

Just then the ring of some sort of power tool drowned out any chance of conversation, so Cara grimaced and escorted Ferguson over to a patient cubicle and once inside, pulled the acrylic door shut. "There. That's better," she said. "Have a seat," she said and patted the biobed.

Fergoson complied with Cara's instruction, pulling out a prescription bottle as he did so. He held them out to her as he sat on the edge of the biobed. "My primary care physician was Doctor Beatrice Albans, Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Wolves. She prescribed this when my heart condition was diagnosed."

Cara turned on the biobed's monitors and took the bottle from Ferguson. "Lectrazine," she said...more to herself than anyone else. She went over to the computer terminal and said, "computer...most recent medical records of Ferguson Price," and a recent chart appeared on the screen. "Physician's notes," she said and the page changed to Albans' notes. "Echo Cardiogram results," she said.

=^=Information requested is unavailable.=^=

"Un....," Cara frowned. "Why not?" she asked, reading over Albans' notes. "Oh. That's why not. She never did one," she said more to herself than to Ferguson. "I take it the meds have helped?" she asked turning back to Ferguson.

Ferguson cocked his head from side to side, as if he were giving a yes and no answer with the gesture. He took a deep breath before going into his explanation. "They have helped to regulate my heart, but they seem to have a side affect of causing an acute lethargy. I find it increasing more difficult to rise in the morning or find motivation to engage in activities I once did if my body is at rest for any length of time."

"Lectrazine has that effect," Cara said. "I'm going to refill your prescription since the medication is keeping your heart rate regular but I want to schedule for an Echo Cardiogram. I am surprised that your doctor didn't have one done," she said as she wrote a prescription out on the PADD that was Ferguson's current chart. "It's an noninvasive test that gives us a 3D image of the interior of your heart using sound waves," she explained.

Ferguson took a moment to consider Cara's proposal before nodding his assent, though holding up a finger as he did. "You will tell me if my condition would impair my ability to function as Lady Catherine's Diplomatic Aide and General Man Friday?"

Cara smiled her sweetest bedside smile. "Of course," she said. "But if what I suspect is true...and if the echo confirms it...we may be able to get you off these meds permanently and get you back to feeling more like yourself in the mornings," she said with confidence.

Ferguson gave her a smile, one that made him look at least ten years younger than his sixty six actual years of age. "Do that Doctor Nichols, and you will have my eternal gratitude."

"What is your morning schedule like?" Cara asked as she typed information into his chart.

"Nothing that can't be rearranged, especially if you are able to do what you think you can." Ferguson felt a mounting excitement at the prospect of getting of the heart medications.

"I have scheduled the echo for 0700 tomorrow," Cara said. "You'll need to wear a comfortable pair of shoes because I may be having you do a lap on the treadmill. Eat your normal breakfast and take your meds." She shut down the terminal and biobed monitors. "Your prescription should be available in the Pharmacy....which is on the other side of this the time you get there. Do you have any questions?" she concluded with a warm smile. She liked Ferguson and she hoped her suspicions were right and that she would be able to help him.

Ferguson pondered whether or not he did have any questions regarding tomorrows tests. He did decide he had one that might need answering. "Yes, these procedures you may deem beneficial. Will I be able to play the coronet when they're done?"

Cara nodded, picturing the elderly man playing a coronet. "Absolutely," she said.

Ferguson slowly nodded his head, a pensive look on his face that transformed into a boyish grin that revealed he was not all a stuffy English Gentleman's Gentleman. "Interesting. As I have never been able to play a coronet, or any other musical instrument before."

Cara burst into laughter and after several seconds of laughing said, "see how good I am? Now if you wanted to play the violin...well....that's a whole other procedure."


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