While Mom's away

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Sara was having a play date with some of the other students from her grade in the holodeck with her Nanny Nikki Tyler. She couldn't remember the last time Nikki had taken her to the holodeck to run around a park or forest or some other place that they couldn't get to when on a starship or a station to distract her while her mother was away on a mission. And though there was a very nice park on the station Nikki had taken them to Earth on the holodeck. The setting was set for the early 21st century When Volcano Bay had recently opened in Orlando as part of Universal Studios.

Sara looked back towards the volcano slide that Bobby Drake and Jonathan Reed had bravely dared to impress the girls from the class that was part of this 'trip' that Nikki had invited to keep Sara distracted. "Sara! Come on the waters perfect!" Susan Michaelson called to Sara making her turn towards the pool where kids were splashing and floating in circular donut tubes. Susan was splashing around in a one-piece bathing suit that had a frilly fabric around her hips, Erica and her twin sister Elizabeth were throwing a beach ball at each other and Richard the oldest boy had stayed with the girls as if it were his duty to guard everyone. Sara smirked and ran towards the water her little legs carrying her towards her new friends while Nikki lounged in a beach chair reading a PADD and watching the children play.

The children splashed and screamed in excitement their cries mixing with that of the other kids that had been brought to the park with their parents. The five 6-7-year-old kids that Nikki was watching knew it was fake, but it did not feel fake. They were enjoying themselves far too much for it to be fake really. "Come on let's try out that raft slid!" Erica suggested leading the rest of the group towards the ride that their wristbands were beeping saying that it was their turn now.

"Wait for me!" Nikki called knowing that she would be needed for that kind of ride since the 6-7-year-olds couldn't ride most of the rides alone. Dropping her PADD on the lounge chair as she hurried after the group of kids glad that Sara was sufficiently distracted from the fact that her mother was on an away mission. This was also a good distraction from the fact that her new friend Wulf was also on that away mission. Nikki was thankful that most children did not have the same focus as most adults who worry.

The raft was big enough to hold all of the kids that wanted to get onto it which was all of them. Bobby and Jonathan had joined them just as they had gotten to the ride so she did a head count. First: Bobby, Jonathan, Richard, The twins Erica and Elizabeth, Susan and Sara all climbed into the big raft similar to the water rapids at ride at Disney. Nikki joined them as well and they all held the handles as they were strapped in. The raft then climbed to the top of the slide, not really a straight drop but more of an angle that allowed them to slide at a decent speed. Because the kids were lighter than adults it slides easily along the water tunnel and up high along the sides of the curves causing the kids to scream and yell with excitement as the ride continued. Shooting out of the bottom of the slide into the huge pool of water at the base where they then floated gently around in the raft until it returned to the start.

Laughing and giggling Nikki herd the kids back to their area of the beach until the next ride was available. Sara's eyes that had been full of worry before the outing was now too full of excitement for the adventure they were having.