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Trying not to bre... I mean bend anymore rules.

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Sara felt closed in as the walls of the quarters seemed to be smaller than they actually were. It was not becuse she was claustrophobic or anything like that. Sara just missed running around the base free to do what she wanted. Granted even then she wasn't free to roam because she was just a six year old. She pouted at the door wondering if she dared to walk through it.

"You know I can see you right?" Nikki asked from the kitchen where she was making Sara her lunch. "Come on unless you've decided you don't want lunch?"

Sara jumped slightly she had forgotten about her Nanny Nikki. "But I wanna go out." She pouted, stomping her feet slightly on her way to the kitchen.

"And you know very well that you are grounded. Besides from what I hear your Engineer friend Wolf might be by later today before you go to bed." Nikki said shaking her head at Sara pouting though wasn't surprised when Sara perked up slightly and ran to sit at the island.

"Do you think he and mommy will get along?" Sara asked clearly trying her hand at match making in a way that made Nikki smile.

"I am sure that they will get along just fine." Nikki said slipping a plate before Sara that had a peanutbutter and Jelly sandwich before her the jelly was made with fresh blackberries from the bush that Alyssa keeps in the corner of the kitchen area that had been converted to a mini hydroponics that had a two blackberry bushes and a blueberry bush. Alyssa made jelly fresh for Sara, there was also sliced apples and a pudding cup with a tall glass of milk.

Sara hummed kicking her little legs as she continued to nibble away at her sandwich happily enjoying the food. "But I want them to really get along." She pouted thinking about all the kids in her school back home that had mommy's and daddy's and she wanted a daddy since her's wasn't around.

Nikki felt for Sara she hadnt' realized that was what she was looking for. "I don't know honey, adults are complicated animals." She added softly. "How about a game of clue after you eat?" She asked softly.

"Yay, I wanna be purple." She grinned happily.

"Alright I'll get the board set up while you eat." Nikki said turning to head into the living quarters and then to the closet to find the game clue


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