Starbase 900, Day 1 - Reporting in

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"Personal log, Sergeant Ja'xon, Platoon Sergeant - Third Platoon" He paused for a moment. He never really liked to do these personal logs, but accepted them for their usefulness and the capability to help process events. "Day 1 aboard Starbase 900."

He began again, "Time is 2100 and I have just about saw this first day to an end. It went about as expected, you know Starfleet praises its open arms policy to all species and beliefs, unless your half Klingon apparently. Always the same when coming to a new place, everyone seems to be on red alert around me. Like they expect me to go into a frenzy at any moment." He sighs, "Oh well. They always come around in the end, and they aren't completely wrong. Their glances and stares at my forehead does aggravate me immensely."

"My reporting in process was uneventful. The Platoon Commander seems to be a boot fresh from training and I don't have time to make sure he does his job correctly, so lets hope that I am wrong. The CO seems capable enough though, an old vet from the war with the Dominion and the Cardassians."

Pausing again for a moment, he begins to think of his platoon, "My men seem decent enough. Perhaps a bit complacent, though that doesn't take long to fix. One did have the nerve to show up 10 minutes late to formation this afternoon. A, hmm, Private Winter I believe. I will have to make sure he gets some 'special' attention to ensure this doesn't become a habitual event." He laughs a bit to himself.

"Tomorrow morning I will be meeting with the LT to go over our training schedule to make sure we cover everything mandated from command. Typical BS stuff that is just one giant CYA for command. Afterwards, I am planning to meet with the squad leaders to go over the real training I want us to go through. My Marines will be true warriors, none of this Starfleet pacifist stuff. Though, I do not want them to be savages. Ah, I will figure it out. Right now, I need to focus on them becoming acclimated to my expectations."

Stifling a yawn he begins to bring this log to an end, "I regret having to leave my squad back at the Roosevelt. Third squad - Second Platoon, really became the best on that station. This is how it works though, moving from assignment to assignment and climbing the chain of command." Ja'xon stops for a moment, thinking this over. "Time to focus on my new duties. Sergeant Ja'xon out."



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