Forward Operating Base Anchorage    [ View Specifications » ]
Operations Center   The Operations Center is the nerve center of the entire base. All departments and spaces can be monitored from this location and can be locked down or vented with a simple command in the event of an event requiring such measures.
Emergency and Intermediate Care   The ER is a 20 bed trauma center located on the East wing of Deck 11. It has its own turbolift and a Medical Transporter as well as being the communications center for the ER, Emergency Field Trauma Specialists and the Medical Transport shuttle.

Adjacent to the ER is the Intermediate Care Suite for non-emergency cases and patient care once they have been triaged and stabilized in the ER.
Medical Labs   The Medical labs are located on the West side of Deck 11 and are used for all things medical.
Medical Administration   This is where the offices of the Medical Facility Director (CMO), Director of Nursing, Chief of Surgery, Chief of Emergency Medicine, Mobile Trauma Unit Director and Counselor's offices are.
Surgical Department   There are three suites of four operating room...each with their own Recovery suite... located on the east side of Deck 10.
Intensive and Cardiac Care   ICU and CCU are located on the East side of Deck 10.
Burn Unit   The Burn Unit is located on the West side of Deck 10 and has it's own Isolation chambers, debridement tubs and Surgical Suite.
Obstetrics (Labor and Delivery) & Pediatrics   OB/GYN and Pediatrics are located on the West side of Deck 10 and include a Neo-Natal Unit.
In Patient Care   This is the area the medical staff refer to as "the Wards". It consists of a West Ward and East Ward and inhabits all of Deck 9.

There are 35 private rooms and 40 shared (2 bed) rooms. Each room as a wall that can be customized to give a holographic view of whatever the patient desires (beach, mountains, lake, stream, etc.) The internal wall is clear acrylic for easy view of the patient from the nurses stations but can be set to private mode in which it darkens.

For every 10 rooms there is a nurses' station with full view of the rooms as well as viewing screens that can be set to view patient monitors as well as the patient.
Commanding Officer's Office   This office is the location where the base Commanding Officer spends most of his time when not on duty.