Deck Listing

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Command Deck

Command Operations Center, Commanding Officer's Office

Deck 1- Section Alpha

Executive Officer's Office, Command Master Chief/Sergeant Major's Office, Officer of the Deck's Office, Harbormaster's Office

Deck 2- Section Alpha

Chief Strategic Operations and Officer's Office, Secured Interrogation Room 1 and 2

Deck 3-Section Alpha

Flight Control Center, Harbormaster's Office, CAG's Office

Deck 1- Section Bravo

Chief Operations Officers Office, Security Substation, Weapons Locker

Deck 2- Section Bravo

Strategic Assessment Operations Center

Deck 3- Section Bravo

Flight Simulator Pods, Squadron Ready Rooms One and Two, Squadron Commander Offices

Deck 1- Section Charlie

Senior Staff Wardroom, Chief Petty Officer's Mess, Senior Staff Conference Room

Deck 2- Section Charlie

Interrogation Rooms 3 and 4, Weapons Locker, Aid Station, Intelligence Computer Core

Deck 3- Section Charlie

Landing Signal Officer's Office

Deck 4- Section Alpha

Junior Officers Quarters, Civilian Housing

Deck 4- Section Bravo

Junior Officer's Housing

Deck 4- Section Charlie

Junior Officers Housing

Deck 5

Senior Enlisted Quarters, Civilian Housing, Galley- Level One

Deck 6

Diplomatic Conference Rooms and Consular Offices. Galley- Level Two, Replicator Maintenance Facility, Security Operations Station, Weapons Locker.

Deck 7

Docking Hatch Alpha, Repair Locker, Security Operations Station, Guest Quarters

Deck 8

Deck 9

In Patient Care Wards

Deck 10

Operating Room, Recovery Area, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiac Care Unit, Isolation and Quarantine Areas, OB/GYN Offices, and Burn Unit

Deck 11

Emergency Room, Intermediate Care Facility, Medical Administration, Medical Labs, Dentist Office