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Commander Andrew Knight

Name Andrew James Knight

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 179cm/5'10"
Weight 80kg/179 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Andrew has an athletic physique, but is not overly muscled.

Character is portrayed by Ryan Kennedy.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Adam Knight
Mother Amara Knight
Brother(s) Austin Knight, KIA during the Borg attack on Starbase 900.
Sister(s) Amanda Knight
Other Family Ashley Knight, Niece
Meredith Knight (nee Stanfield), Sister-in-law, MIA (presumed dead following the attack on Starbase 900)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andrew has a genuine interest for the welfare of those he serves with. His focus has always been to not only realize his own potential, but to bring out the best in those around him.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Superb physical specimen
+Open to new ideas and solutions
+Expert in armed and unarmed combat
+Expert in small arms and explosive
+Genius in tactical and strategic thinking

-Knowledge in the hard sciences is more of a Jack of All Trades, but Master of None
-He is unwilling to sacrifice lives for a lost cause
-Speaks his mind when asked a question, whether or not the listener likes his answer or not
Ambitions Andrew still has not given up his goal to someday command his own starship, but ultimately he aspires to make Rear Admiral in charge of the Starfleet Special Warfare Command.
Hobbies & Interests Andrew likes team sports (baseball, football, hockey, soccer, etc.), but is also very enthusiastic about individual athletics (track and field, fencing, gymnastics, mixed martial competition).

Andrew enjoys reading and studying nearly all subjects from classic literature to current events.

Other leisure activities include billiards, dom jot, sailing, canoeing, fishing, rock climbing and camping.

Personal History Andrew Knight was born on August 1st, 2360 to Adam and Amara Knight. He is the youngest of three children, the oldest sibling being his brother Austin and then his older sister Amanda. His first memories are how rewarding an experience his parents had due to service in Starfleet. There was no doubt he would follow in their footsteps.

Andrew grew up doing two things to ensure he would also have a rewarding career in Starfleet. He read everything he could to expand his knowledge base and developed himself physically with exercise and sports participation. He was mentally and physically far above almost every single student at Johnathan Archer Prep when he started high school.

Andrew found his abilities pushed to their limits and beyond during the Breen Attack on Earth in 2375. He rallied a group of fellow students to rescue others trapped in a collapsed section of the Charles Tucker III Hall. The efforts resulting in the survival of 3 teachers and 22 students.

Andrew was able to graduate a year early due to his hard study and extra course works. He had even been able to complete nearly a semester’s worth of Academy level courses. He entered Starfleet Academy on his seventeenth birthday and immediately excelled academically as he continued to physically develop himself as well. He applied himself with the same dedication and effort that had proven beneficial to him in high school, graduating Starfleet Academy in only three years.

Andrew had hoped for an assignment aboard a starship after graduation, but his near perfect record came to the attention of prominent admirals at Starfleet Command. He was assigned to the Office of Strategic Operations and tasked with leading a team of analysts performing threat assessments of various Delta Quadrant. The work of him and his team was instrumental in preparing the participants of Project Full Circle for a return to the Delta Quadrant.

Andrew applied to enter the Special Warfare Basic Course six months out from his scheduled end of tour at Starfleet Command and was accepted. His dedication to becoming a Special Warfare Officer and his posting as Class Leader resulted in the lowest washout rate ever experienced by the intensive training course resulting in 48% of his class graduating the six months of grueling training.

Andrew was able to apply his knowledge and experienced gained at Starfleet Command to his Advanced Officer Course and excelled at operational planning and logistical coordination. He graduated the course with the highest scores ever set by any previous Special Warfare Officer Candidate in history.

Andrew’s first Special Warfare field assignment was as the assistant platoon commander with a unit stationed at Starbase 375. The unit was instrumental in dismantling an Orion Syndicate weapons smuggling operation that was providing advanced weapons to a dissident faction on a Federation Protectorate world with an equivalent technological level of mid 20th century Earth. He was recommended by his platoon commander to take charge of the SpecWar’s third platoon when the position opened up.

Andrew found himself then garrisoned at Deep Space Nine in his first command position with an active field unit. His unit spearheaded a joint operation to neutralize a rogue Jem’Hadar group that was attacking civilian shipping in the Gamma Quadrant. The platoon captured a Vorta operative that had set himself as a warlord and pirate in outlaying sector of Dominion Space.

Andrew returned to Earth to attend the year-long Command College. He completed his ongoing studies and graduated Command College with a Master’s degree in Military Sciences. He was given his choice of assignments and it was expected he choose the Executive Officer position aboard the Challenger B, a newly constructed Sovereign-class vessel undergoing final space trials before commissioning.

Andrew, despite his desire to serve aboard and eventually command a starship, knew he was best suited to continue his career in the Special Warfare Community. He opted to command the three-platoon Special Warfare troop deploying to Starbase 900 in the Delta Quadrant. It would be tasked with establishing the support and infrastructure required to support an entire Special Warfare Battalion Team the following year.

Andrew’s decision to take this assignment was due in part to the recent assignment of Austin, his oldest sibling, and Austin’s family already stationed at Starbase 900. Since all the other members of the family still resided in the Alpha Quadrant, he thought it important to be near the one member of the Knight clan now serving alone in the Delta Quadrant.

Andrew serves as legal guardian for his niece and is currently in a romantic relationship with Dr. Cara Nichols (FOB Anchorage's Director of Medicine).
Service Record AUG 2374 – MAY 2377 (San Francisco, California, Earth): Johnathan Archer Junior ROTC Starfleet Preparatory Academy

AUG 2377 – JUN 2380 (San Francisco, California, Earth): Starfleet Academy

JUL 2380 – JUN 2382 (San Francisco, California, Earth): Starfleet Strategic Operations Command, Delta Quadrant Threat Assessment Analyst

JUL 2382 – DEC 2382 (San Diego, California, Earth): Special Warfare Basic Course

JAN 2383 – JUN 2383 (Little Creek, Virginia, Earth): Special Warfare Advanced Officer Course

JUL 2383 – DEC 2384 (Starbase 375): Second Platoon, Bravo Troop, Seventh Special Response Team; Assistant Platoon Commander

JAN 2385 – DEC 2386 (Deep Space Nine): Third Platoon, Bravo Troop, Seventh Special Response Team; Platoon Commander

JAN 2387 – DEC 2387 (San Francisco, California, Earth): Starfleet Academy Command College

JAN 2388 - NOV 2388 (Starbase 900): Alpha Troop, Tenth Special Response Team; Troop Commander

NOV 2388 - Present (Forward Operating Base Anchorage): Deputy Base Commander

NOV - Present (USS Zumwalt): Commanding Officer