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Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Name Alyssa Cole Matthews

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian/Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 115
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description

Athletically built, but graceful as a cat.


Children Sara Prudence Matthews - 6 years old

Father Dean Samuel Matthews
Mother Samantha Cole Winchester - Matthews
Sister(s) Twin Sister Phoebe Prudence Matthews

Other Family Gramma Paige Tyler Winchester, Grandpa Leo Christopher Winchester, Grams Jo Melissa Matthews, and Gramps Wyatt Michael Matthews.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alyssa was good natural, she tends to calmly approach a situation before engaging rather than letting her temper get away from her. However, if you got under her skin she had a nasty temper and claws to match. Alyssa was friendly, caring, but hands on, and stern when it comes to running a department.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strong willed, stubborn, willing to give a hundred percent to her job. However, her daughter is one of her biggest weaknesses. Though she tries not to let it show.
Ambitions Just to get from one day to another.
Hobbies & Interests Reading when she can, rock climbing when she can, spending time with her daughter whom she still reads to at night.

Personal History Born SD 236205.12

Alyssa and her twin sister Phoebe were born to Dean and Samantha Matthews. Alyssa’s grandparents Paige and Leo Winchester as a baby, which explains her human name, adopted Samantha. Samantha was, however, Caitian though despite being full caitian she had features that are more human.

Samantha had fur from head to toe like any caitian, though if you put her image next to that as the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz the only difference would be that she did not have the golden brown mane of a lion. She did not have as much fur on her face but she did have whiskers. She had short black fir and golden eyes.

Despite all of this Dean met and fell in love with Samantha during their days at the academy of course it was not love at first sight. They had several classes together and had gotten to know each other while working together during their studies. Samantha had taken to Engineering courses while Dean too to the Tactical side of things.

A year after they graduated from the Academy and found themselves on different ships Dean and Samantha were married to the surprise of all their friends and family really. Two years after they were, married Samantha gave birth to two beautiful girls with black cat ears and long black tails. Alyssa and her twin sister Phoebe were the best of friends and the only person who could tell them apart was their mom. Therefore, whenever possible the two girls would switch places often. They were identical with dark hair like their parents when they were young so very often they would confuse people because they were identical and hard to tell apart as it was, let alone when they switched or dressed alike.

Alyssa and her sister never switched on important things like school or testing. They each earned their grades on their own good or bad. In truth, Alyssa and Phoebe may be identical on the outside but they had different dreams and aspirations on the inside. While Alyssa joined the academy, her sister joined culinary school once graduating high school and going on to colleges. Alyssa had gone into the academy instead of a regular college like her sister. While at the academy, Alyssa met and fell in love with Bryan Anthony Montgomery whom was in fact a whirlwind romance that moved far faster than planned for it to happen.

Ten months before Alyssa’s twentieth birthday she had learned she was pregnant, though terrified she was also thrilled at the idea and could not wait to tell Bryan. Unfortunately, for Alyssa the news, while outwardly taken well, terrified Bryan far more than it had Alyssa and he had suggested terminating the pregnancy. Alyssa refused without a second thought and Bryan disappeared from her life going so far as to leave the academy to get as far from Alyssa as and her unborn child as possible. This was so far from what Alyssa had expected in reaction from Bryan that she had been at first hurt, sad, then so very angry because everyone was telling her to terminate her pregnancy because she was alone and had her whole future ahead of her. Alyssa refused to listen to what her family and friends tried to tell her the only person on her side was her sister who gave her the confidence to fight harder to prove to everyone herself included that she could do this on her own.

Alyssa gave birth to her daughter Sara Prudence Matthews on SD 238204.09 and graduated at the top of her class in Operations with her daughter on her hip three years later on SD 238505.24 with the rest of her graduating class.
Service Record SD 238108.xx - Joined the Academy
SD 238505.24 - Graduated the Academy
SD 2385xx.xx - Ensign Aboard the USS Pequod
SD 2386xx.xx - Promoted to Lieutenant (jg)