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Ongoing Mission-related Plots

Posted on Sat Jun 3rd, 2017 @ 2:41pm by Commander Andrew Knight

Wanted to touch base with everyone about some of the various plots I see going on and put out one or two more I think will need postiness.

Obviously we need some character driven posts with some of our newer writers getting into the swing of their new duties. Wulf has been a go getter in that regards (kudos to you ^5).

We have a good premise to start a story line for opening diplomatic relations with the Oehiri. A mission best led by Lady Catherine.

Alyssa has proposed an interesting mission idea to revisit a planet encountered by Voyager on it's initial trek home through the DQ. It is my belief that would be a good mission to send the USS Hopper (it is a light explorer class vessel) with a crew.

A new plot idea of mine involves refitting both the Hopper and Zumwalt with Quantum Slipstream Drive (QSD) units for extended missions throughout the DQ. This will be a tech intensive plot needing input from both Wulf and Alyssa.

We still have the ongoing plot with establishing communications with the Space Dragons.

Major Phoenix will be busy getting his reinforced battalion up to speed (I understand Wulf also wants to do some cross-training in that regards).

You folks may notice that Andrew Knight is no longer double slotted in the Strategic Operations billet. His secondary billet is now as Commanding Officer for the Zumwalt. I would like people to consider if they want to take secondary positions aboard one of our two permanent support ships. I believe that James (aka our beloved BG Mitchell) will be taking command of the Hopper as his flagship.

I also want to throw out a spoiler alert for the near/intermediate future...there will be a return of the Borg into the story. James and I will have to hammer out a few ideas on how best to do that and what direction we want to go with it.

I know I have probably missed a few ongoing character driven plots with this announcement (such as the personal relationship between Cara and Andrew). Please do not feel that is an oversight. I am just trying to go over a few main plot points that would affect official duty related posts to be drafted.

COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, INQUIRIES NOT JUST RECOMMENDED BUT STRONGLY ENCOURAGED (either attached here as comments or through PMs with the suitable persons to help develop our overall story).


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