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Fresh Blood

Posted on Wed May 24th, 2017 @ 6:28pm by Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell & Commander Andrew Knight & Major Michael Phoenix & Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Lady Catherine Waddington

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Port Facility
Timeline: After Clearance


Drew stood to the right of Christopher in the capital ship port looking at the ships that had just arrived. He couldn't help the feeling of intense relief at having an influx of fresh blood to help in the operation of not just the base, but the continuing mission in the Delta Quadrant.

The relief force had been comprised of four ships: USS Braveheart (an Akira-class) that was delivering the reinforcements for the Air Wing; USS Breckinridge (a Steamrunner-class) outfitted to deliver the reinforced marine battalion; The USS Leonard McCoy (an Olympic-class) with much needed medical supplies and equipment; and the USS Mayflower II (A Java-class Colonial Transport) with the bulk of additional personnel, equipment, and supplies.

Christopher stood with his hands clasped in front of him and turned to Drew. "You know, I've always found these little engagements rather boring." he said.

Drew idly nodded his agreement, but the arrival of the reinforcement contingent was a most important and greatly needed event. "True, but folks, equipment and supplies arriving does mean not only the difference between life and death for us, but our continued mission here in the Delta Quadrant."

Looking over to Catherine, who was flanked by her security detail, he nodded to the stern looking Marine Sergeant. "You look rather uncomfortable, Ambassador." he said slyly.

"I am not quite sure why I was called down, Christopher. It seems somewhat a waste of my time." She stated in haughty English tones as she saw no apparent reason for her to be called away from her file to stand idle.

Drew had been the first to read an eyes only dispatch for either himself or Christopher. Since it was him, the order included in the dispatch was to be compartmentalized to just himself until the arrival of the ships. Now that the ships had arrived, he turned to Catherine and disclosed the real reason for her presence here. "There is one high-value individual that has made the trip here to see you Lady Catherine. It was deemed necessary to not disclose his journey here to anyone."

"O, radost', i ya dumal, chto budu v bezopasnosti v Kvadrante Del'ty ot yego neodobritel'nogo vzglyada" Catherine muttered uder her breath causing her security detail to chuckle quietly. The use of Russian, a language that Lord Waddington despised told them exactly who was on the ship

Beowulf Byrnes, better known as Wulf to those who knew him well, stepped through the airlock dressed in the standard uniform. He gave a nod to the two standing together before joining the others off to one side.

Followed by three corpsmen pushing a couple of hover carts, Cara and Cate walked through the doors to the reception area and took positions out of the main flow of foot traffic but nearest to where the cargo would be unloaded.

"This is the first time I have ever taken receipt of supplies without some sort of requisition to sign in triplicate," Cate said with a chuckle.

"I know," Cara agreed. "But I am learning the art of acceptance of the fact that our situation doesn't know the meaning of control. We get what we get and hope that, at least some of it, is stuff we actually need."

"Oh please. No more tongue depressors," one of the corpsmen said, rolling his eyes. "We have two storage closets full. We could build another base with what we have."

"Now there's an idea," Cara laughed. "We could give some to the pre-school for their crafts."

Jack Devlin appeared and, followed by four security officers, took up positions at the bottom of the airlock ramp and waited for the airlock to open.


The Human/Caitian made her way off of the USS Mayflower II with a small child in her arms. Sara had fallen asleep an hour or two out from the Forward Operations Base Anchorage. Alyssa unwilling to wake the sleeping child whom can be cranky when woken slept attached to Alyssa's side snuggled close. Sara's arms were wrapped around her Mommy's shoulders while her head rested on the right side since she was on her mother's right hip.

Michael walked off the ship with his stuff sack on his back his daughter Mary's was to his left as she walked with him he held her little hand with a light grip her bag was in his right hand as he moved to the security area " Major Phoenix and Mary Ann Phoenix " he told the security detail.

Jack stepped forward and held an ocular scanner up for Phoenix to peer into. "LCDR Jack Devlin. Chief of Security. Welcome to the Rock, Major...Mrs. Phoenix. You have been assigned quarters on Deck 2 of the Marine Pod. #2300."

"Thank you” Michael said looking at Mary “Ready?" Mary nods as him she was a little shy around a group of people” And say thank you to the Commander “Michael told Mary “Thank you sir “Mary said waving her small hand at him " Michael smiled " Daddy do they have ice cream here " Mary asked as they walked off " I believe so dear"

"On the Promenade," Jack said, winking at Mary. "Best home churned in the galaxy." Then he straightened up to greet the next arrival.

"Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews and Sara Matthews." Alyssa said to the security detail behind Major Phoenix noticing his daughter despite her own daughter sleeping on that side of her making it difficult to see.

As with the Major, Jack held the ocular scanner up so Alyssa could peer into it. Figuring she had heard his introduction to the Major, he decided to forgo it and, instead, simply said, "Welcome to the Rock, Lieutenant. You and your daughter have been assigned quarters in Charlie Section, Deck 4, #320."

"Thank you." Alyssa said carrying her duffel and her daughter off of the ship to make her way to her quarters.

"Take Walters and set up over there," Jack told one of the security officers and handed him the ocular scanner and PADD that the ocular scan results would appear on...displaying the person's ID and quarter assignment. " and Hamby direct other personnel coming off of the other three ships to this check point." With that he headed over to where freight was being offloaded from the ships. He tapped his commbadge and said, "Devlin to Security. I need four more people down here with cargo scanners." He met one of the crew offloading a hover cart from the nearest ship and said, "Everything goes through that tunnel and into the reception area. There it will be checked." He looked back to make sure everything was going as it should then escorted the young man through to the reception area where he was met by more of his officers.


"Everything comes through you," Jack told his officers. "Scan ever container that comes in here. Medical goes over there," he pointed to where Cara and her staff were waiting, "Engineering goes over there,” he pointed to where Wulf and his engineers were standing, "Food services gets transported up to the Miss Furr, agriculture gets transported down to the Agri Pod and all weaponry gets sent directly to the armory."

Drew walked over to Jack, but endeavored to stay out of the man's way. "Seems like you have everything in hand Commander Devlin. I have some paperwork to go over in my office. If you could pass along to any officer or NCO slated for a senior staff position to pay me a visit after they get residential assignment, it would be much appreciated."

"Yes, sir," Jack replied.

Drew gave the Security Chief a nod, then moved over to where Cara was sorting things out with her Charge Nurse. He gave them both a nod and formal address. "Commander, Lieutenant."

Cara looked around. "Where's there a commander?" she asked, winking at Cate. "Oh. You," she smiled at Drew. "Referring to yourself in the third person again? I told you about doing that. The next time I'm going to have to report you to Psych for evaluation."

Drew looked at Cate. "Mind if I borrow your boss for a moment?"

"As long as you bring her back in the same condition she was in when I loaned her to you," Cate said, giving the XO the stink eye.

Drew gave a good-natured salute to Cate. "Aye aye Cap'n Cate." Drew then pulled Cara off to the side. "I know we're both going to be busy for the next few hours, but I was hoping you swing by my place after we get off. OK"

"OK," Cara said with a smile. "I'll come by as soon as I'm finished getting everything checked in."

Jack looked around and spotted the new Marine CO heading for the door of the reception area and close behind him was the new Operations' Chief. "MAJOR PHOENIX....LT. MATTHEWS! HOLD UP!" he called out and jogged over to the two families. "The XO, CDR Knight would like to see both of you in his office as soon as you are situated," he said.

Michael nods looking at Jack "Alright thank you Commander I will once I get things right" he told Jack then looked down at Mary with a smile. "Can we have bacon tonight," Mary asked him. "If you like," Michael said. "How about bacon cheeseburgers," he said to Mary. "Yea that is yummy," Mary told her father. "They are," he chuckled, nodding to Jack, before they left to settle into their new housing.

Alyssa looked to Major Phoenix then to Jack who caught up to them. "Of course, let me just get Sara settled and I'll be a long momentarily. She shifted a not so sleepy Sara on her shoulder anymore as her daughter lift her head and rubbed her eyes. "Are we there Mommy?" Sara looked around blinking sleepily.

"Yep, how about something to eat." Alyssa asked her as she continued towards the lift Sara nodding her head wanting to be let down to walk.

Lord Jacobi Waddington stepped off the ramp and onto the Rock. His posture and demeanor exuded an almost psychic and palpable air of power. He looked at the senior most officer in the immediate area and stepped up to him. "Lieutenant Commander. Immediately inform the Brigadier and Lady Catherine Waddington that Lord Jacobi Waddington has arrived and immediate audience with them."

Catherine looked at her 2 companions. "So much for peace in the DQ." She sighed.

Byrnes, hearing the haughty tone from the man, looked away before his cynical, sarcastic expression could be seen. No one was a lord out here, in situations like this. Not to mention the fact that Starfleet did not recognize titles of a personal nature. He would do his duty, but he wouldn't like it if these individuals proved themselves to be all mouth and no skills.



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