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The gift of friendship

Posted on Thu May 18th, 2017 @ 3:25pm by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Anchorage

~*~ Start Joint Log ~*~

"Sara! Sara Prudence!" Sara turned around at the sound of her name her little black cat ears sticking up on end. She had been standing at a stall where there was candy. Grabbing her yellow blanket she ran towards the sound of her name and glomped onto the leg of a woman with purple hair and similar black cat ears.

"Yes mommy?" asked the six year old child clinging to her mother, while looking around at all the people walking around them on the busy station.

"Stay close or you'll get lost." Alyssa told her child moving to pick her up and settle her on her shoulders so she knew exactly where her daughter was. She started through the throng of people with her duffle bag and her daughters bag in hand towards the food court where she was meeting an old academy friend of hers.

"And if I have to search for you little kitten I won't give you the treats I have for you." A voice said behind them, "Hello Lyssa." a slender dark haired woman grinned tapping her on the shoulder.

"Hello Taz." Alyssa grinned glad to see her old friend. "How have you been last we spoke you made sargeant?" Alyssa asked with a smile reaching to bring her daughter off her shoulders and back onto the floor so she could sit at the table. then Alyssa moved to give Taz a hug. taz returned the hug.

"A lot. Somethings we cannot catch up on with little one here. But other than that I got diplonmatic duty here with Lady Waddington but you'll meet her in time. What about you?"

"Not as much I was on the USS Pequod for the last few years. Sara here is getting high marks, do not let those big brown eyes of hers fool you she can be quite the chaotic bundle." Alyssa smiled down hand on her daughters head causing Sara to look up and grin at the pretty lady. "I've heard of Lady Waddington though she tells it like it is doesn't she no bones about it."

"And not turned by a pretty head either. Ooh but I did get something for a certain little girl." Tazanna smiled and handed a small package to Sara.

"Gotcha, sounds like she's got an actual head on her shoulders." Alyssa smiled hoping to meet Lady Waddington. She looked down to Sara, "Go ahead honey she wont bite."

Sara looked shyly from behind her mom before moving forward to take the package from the nice woman. "Thank you." She said with a natural purr despite being only a quarter Caitian. She moved to open the package and grinned hugging her new black cat doll in a dress and held onto it as tightly as she did her yellow security blanket.

"I saw that before we left the Alpha Quadrant and thought just of you." Tazanna smiled.

"Thank you." Sara said again smiling up happily one arm around her new treasure the other around her mom's leg one little cat fang stinking out around her lower lip as she grinned.

"Now they do some really good milkshakes here." Tazanna said to Sara

"Really? Mommy can I have a milkshake?" Sara asked looking up at her mom her head pressed against Alyssa's leg as she looked up and she leaned forward slightly. Alyssa smiled. "Yes but a small one with your lunch." Alyssa said softly and Sara grinned taking Tazanna's hand so that Tazanna could show her where the milkshakes were.

"Well then Mommy we are in luck where I am thinking of does lunch and ice cream for good little girls if they eat all their lunch." Tazana said as she led the way to a small bistro

Alyssa smirked walking along side her grinning daughter who had such an angelic look, but if one looked closely they would see that her halo is held up by her little horns. "What do you want to eat Sara chicken tenders?" Alyssa asked softly. "I wants Chicken." She giggled.

"Thats good. Chicken shak here do just that." Tazana smiled leading them inside.

"Yay!" Sara skipped along with her mommy and mommy's friend to get food and a chocolate milkshake with a Cherry on top. She was happy.

"There are a few kids here. Likely to be more before too long." she added.

"See Sara you'll have loads of new friends before you know it sweety." Alyssa smiled at her daughter since she had been worried about having no one her own age on the new station or ship they would be on.

"Really? when can I meets them?" She asked her little black tail flicking behind her slightly.

"Well I would say tomorrow when we can get you enrolled in school." Tazanna smiled.

"Yay!" Sara wasn't as excited about school as she was about meeting more kids and seeing what they can do. Alyssa smiled softly as they made their way to the shake for food. "So what is the station like Taz?" Alyssa asked.

"Slowly coming to life. We were not supposed to be here, we were headed back to the Alpha but we were attacked and we got stuck here. I think we are alll just finding our feet"

"Trust me I was glad when that borg attack ended. Sara was hiding under some rubble that she had turned into a fort to protect herself from them. I found the bastards in my quarters." Alyssa growled her claws popping out.

"Just be thankfully they didn'tfind her. One of the teenagers here lost her mother to them."

"Damn those devils need to be dealt with and soon, how many more people are we going to lose to them?" Alyssa sighed.

"That is a good question. For which only time has an answer." Tazanna responded

"How long are we going to be in the Delta Quadrant?" Alyssa asked as Sara quitely walked beside them. The promise of a milkshake keeping the child complacent for the moment. She skipped along side Tazanna humming a soft little tune her tail moving about her slightly to show she was happy. It was a tune that her mommy sang to her quite often whenever she was afraid or sad or just couldn't get to sleep.

As they entere the bistro Tazanna indicated a table for them to sit at. "the foreseeable future I'm afraid."

Alyssa gave a nod. "Hmm any word from the Alpha quadrant on the situation here?" Alyssa had to ask. Though home was wherever, she and her daughter Sara are together and Tazanna is like a sister to her so she was not missing the Alpha Quadrant.

"Not a damaned thing." Tazanna sighed as they waitress cme over. "Hey kitty claws you get to tell the lady what you'd like." Tazanna smiled as she indicated the waitress to the child's right

"Can I have chicken tenders, a chocolate milkshake and cut strawberries?" Sara asked shifitng on her seat a lot as she played with her new cat doll looking for all the world to be just a sweet little six year old who knows what she wants instead of flip flopping around with it. Though all the while she was also thinking of what kind of mischief she could cause.

Alyssa ran her hand through her daughters hair moving to rub her nose against Sara's as the waitress wrote that down. "I'll have a Chicken grilled salad with mozerella and grape tomatoes with light italian dressing, a Chocolate milkshake and a strawberry cup as well." She gave her order next. "Also I'd like two cups of water." She added knowing she needed something to cut the milkshakes after Sara had her fill.

"Salmon sallad and a bananna milkshake please." Tazanna smiled. "Hey why not after we eat we let Mommy report in and you and me go see my boss?" Tazanna asked Sara.

Sara looked shyly at Tazanna, "who is your boss?" the six year old asked innocently.

"Lady Catherine Waddington. She has hair like fire" Tazanna smiled

"Like fire? Mommy is it ok if I go see the lady?" Sara asked looking to her mommy as she put a chicken tender in her mouth.

Alyssa chewed and swallowed before speaking, "Sure, I see no harm in it but you'll be on your best behavior right? No acting up?" Alyssa asked Sara pointedly. Sara was too busy chewing to speak with her mouth full so she shook her head indicating she would behavior herself instead of causing trouble.

"See you can sign in and Sara and I can get to know each other she can meet Lady Catherine and maybe her made made cookies"

"Sounds like a plan to me, besides I would be offended if you did not wish to know your goddaughter." Alyssa grinned despite her wrods. She speared the last bite of her salad really.

"I figured as much" Tazanna chuckled. "Deal Sara?" s he asked.

Sara giggled. "Deal Mommy can check in, I go meets the lady." She giggled biting into her last Chicken tender excitedly.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Tazanna asked eating the last of her food.


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