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Mystery Assault

Posted on Wed May 24th, 2017 @ 3:50am by Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell

Mission: Down on the Upside
Location: Physical Therapy
Timeline: 2 weeks after Wake Up Call


Jack walked through the doors of Physical Therapy and looked around the room. There were only a few patients being put through their exercises for a variety of injuries so it was easy to find the General and his therapist in a corner. The therapist was monitoring and encouraging the General as he pedaled what looked like a stationary bike. He walked over and smiled at the therapist. "Hi. Jack Devlin from Security," he said to the young woman and held out his hand. "Mind if I ask the General a few questions while he goes...," he glances at the General and smirks, "...just where is it you're going, Sir?"

Christopher pulled up the sunglasses up on his head that were actually a wraparound view screen that provided a first person view. "I was doing a route from Sausalito into the Presidio." he said to the man whose sarcasm was clearly evident and not necessarily appreciated. Swinging his leg over the saddle, he extended his hand. "Brigadier General Mitchell, Commanding Officer. What can I do for you, Mr. Devlin?" he asked, annoyance slipping into his voice due to the fact that he had been interrupted. Every minute that was wasted was one where he wasn't where he belonged- in the Ops Center with his people.

"Ahh. Pretty country," Jack said with a nod.

"You can take a break," the therapist said with a smile and got up from the stool by the bike. She walked over to check on another patient to give the General and the security guy some privacy.

"General, I'll get right to the point," Jack said. "What do you remember about your accident?" he asked, activating the small PADD he took out of his cargo pants pocket.

Taking a breath, Christopher tried to recall. "I remember leaning on the rail over the promenade near the arboretum and then I was falling. I'm assuming that I hit a repulsor field on the way down or else I'd be sitting in a torpedo casing right now." he said succinctly.

"I have gone over all of the security footage of that area and, even though the view of where you would have been standing was blocked," Jack said. "And that has been remedied....the trajectory of your fall wouldn't be that of someone who had simply stumbled and fallen over the railing. You had help, sir. Are you sure you don't remember anyone pushing you?"

Christopher shook his head. "I've got nothing more to tell you, Commander. It also doesn't help that there are literally hundreds of people walking around this station at any given time."

Jack was disappointed that Mitchell wasn't able to help him. Maybe in time, the General might remember more. He knew that that was sometimes the case. He just hated open cases. "Well, sir....if you remember anything...even something you might not think is significant...please let me know. I don't plan on stopping until we find out who did this," Jack said. "I'll let you get back to your therapy. It's good to see you up and around, sir," he added with a smile. With that, he smiled at the therapist and made his exit.



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