The Space Between

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Status Current Mission
Description The denizens of Forward Operating Base Anchorage strive to get their home operational as they seek allies in an otherwise hostile region.
Start Date Thu Mar 2nd, 2017 @ 2:27am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Cannot work all day... Shifts End
by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes & Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Nichole Tyler & Sara Matthews
current/somewhere in-between Matthews Quarters
Checking to see if Engineering needs anything
by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes
Main Engineering
Work to be done
by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews
Crime and Punishment
by Lieutenant JG Alyssa Matthews & Sara Matthews
After Running around and Causing Chaos Chief Operations Office
Meeting Family
by Sergeant Tazanna Wilcox & Lady Catherine Waddington & Major Michael Phoenix
Diplomatic Office
Problems and Solutions
by Brigadier General Christopher Mitchell & Commander Andrew Knight & Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway
Current Base Commander's Office
Labor Intensive
by Ashley Knight
Transit Tube System/Hospital Complex
Space gopher
by Lieutenant Beowulf "Wulf" Byrnes
current/somewhere in-between Runabout/asteroid field
Some Much Needed Help
by Commander Andrew Knight
MD 8 1415 Various
by Commander Andrew Knight & Lady Catherine Waddington & Ashley Knight & Private Justin Winter
Knight Family Residence
Finding a Home
by Commander Andrew Knight
MD 8 - 1330 FOB Perimeter
Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast
by Commander Andrew Knight & Ashley Knight
MD 6 & 7 Residential Complex: Knight Family Suite
Definitely Something More
by Commander Andrew Knight
MD 4 - 2100 Holosuite Seven: Rick's Cafe Americain, Casablanca, Morocco
Interesting Developments
by Commander Andrew Knight & Ashley Knight & Ferguson Price & Lady Catherine Waddington & 1st Lieutenant Meredith Thompson & Sergeant Tazanna Wilcox
MD2, 2100 hours Residential Complex: Lady Catherine's Suite
...or Something More?
by Commander Andrew Knight
MD 2 - 2010 Residential Complex: Cara Suite
Just Friends? or...
by Commander Andrew Knight
MD 2 - 1530 Promenade Lower Level - Soon to be Northern Lights Memorial Park
Chronic Issues
by Ferguson Price
MD 1 - 1400 Medical Complex, ER
Adults Can Be So Weird Sometimes
by Ashley Knight & Ferguson Price
6 months after attack MD1 - 1245 Medical Complex

Mission Summary