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Sara Matthews

Name Sara Prudence Matthews

Position Civilian Dependent

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Caitian/Human
Age 6

Physical Appearance

Height 45"
Weight 44 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Gray
Physical Description


Mother Alyssa Cole Matthews
Other Family Grandpa Dean Samuel Mattews, Grandma Samantha Cole Winchester - Matthews, Aunt Phoebe Prudence Matthews

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sara had the face of an angel, But that was only from a distance. Though granted up close she was still as pretty and sweet looking only if your able to get close to her than you know what's below the surface and that was a hellion ready to cause as much trouble as she could get into when her mother wasn't watching. She may be six but during her mother's last posting she had learned a great deal about the holographic systems from watching her mom work whenever she couldn't go to day care. She was a smart playful child who had more energy than she could despense with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sara did not think before she acted or rather she did think just not of how she shouldn't do what she does because then she would bored. She tend to wish sometimes that she had a younger or older sibling someone like her who would understand her.
Ambitions to have as much fun as she could before she was forced to grow up, and become like the adults around her serious and without fun from what she saw except for her mommy.
Hobbies & Interests Racing around, playing on the holodeck, reading, slipping away from daycare or class, horses and dogs, and using the holodeck for adventures.

Personal History Sara Prudence Matthews was born on SD 238204.09.

Sara's earliest memory was her third birthday party. She had her grandparents, her aunt and her mother all around her. Her grandparents had gotten her a pony to ride for her birthday. She remembered her mother always coming home and no matter how tired Alyssa was she would give Sara an hour of her undivided attention. But Most of the time Sara had been with her grandparents until her mommy had finally graduated from the academy and had gotten her posting on the first ship. Sara wasn't one to remembe details she just remembered that everyone was very nice to her. Though she had gotten in to trouble when she had used the holographic emitters at the age of five and caused a river to rush through the ship pooling on the bridge.

Of course that was fine except that the captain had gotten a salt water eel swimming up his pant leg otherwise the water hadn't been harming any of the instruments or consoles so he probaby would have let it slide if not for the slimey eel shocking his leg as it swam up it. Oh that had gotten Sara into trouble not just with the CO but with her mommy too. She had been grounded for a week and not just grounded as in you go to your room and stay there until your no longer grounded. Grounded as in sent to her grandparents for a week so the CO could calm down.
Service Record Civilian Dependant