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Sergeant Tazanna Wilcox

Name Tazanna Asha Wilcox

Position Marine Security Guard

Rank Sergeant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6½" (1.69 m)
Weight 128
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber (Photo sensitive)
Physical Description Tazanna, like her mother is not physically imposing, she is slender and fun loving in appearance her long dark hair usually restrained in a braid with hair feathers in the end of it. Off duty she is likely to be found n jeans and a shirt


Father Adam Wilcox
Mother Eva Isaaisa
Sister(s) Dyani

Personality & Traits

General Overview Freedom loving and independent. Taz is usually described as sassy and impudent. Much to her mothers dismay she inherited her fathers sense of humor which was usually readable in her eyes.

She is a patient teacher but has no time for fools and makes it clear.
She is diligent in her work but also highly competitive.

Tazanna has always been a deeply spiritual individual with an interest in the occult from a very early age. Like most of the females in the family she is a healer, although chose to go into security being taught at her mothers and grandfather’s side as a child. Despite her cold exterior she is extremely compassionate
She has a natural dexterity which has aided her in her hobbies, both sword fighting (She favours the Scimitar). Ice skating, belly dance and ballet Like most healers of her family she craves stability, beauty and order. When feeling insecure or threatened her sense of humour completely disappears.
Strengths & Weaknesses Intelligent
Understands necessity for teamwork but can work alone if needed
Patient teacher
Has no time for fools
Has an Apache temper and thankfully a long fuse
Hobbies & Interests Healing
sword fighting (She favours the Scimitar).
Ice skating,
belly dance
Occult studies

Personal History Tazanna is the eldest of the 2 Wilcox sisters. Born to a temporarily single mother she grew up in her first six years just with her mother and half sister.

Her fathers absence had been due to an intel screw up. As soon as he found out about the children he headed directly to them,

Frm the time he arrived Tazanna followed him everywhere usaully with her sister Dyani in tow. Zanna and Yani worshipped their father (Adam adopted Dyani) After some diplomatic maneuverings on Adams part he and Eva married and the family unit was unbreakable.

Tazanna and Dyani's school life was uneventful and Tazanna took the obvious step and joined Starfleet as soon as she could she went into the marines and bounced from assignment to assignment until Ajax. here she appeared to settle. When the Ajax was Mothballed she returned to the academy briefly to do her officer training before being assigned to the USS Montgomery.

A clash of personalities with her on off partner andTazanna decided efore they said something both would regret she would take the offer of a tempoorary assignment with Ambassador Catherine Waddington,